Friday, March 31, 2006


okay big daddy is not perfect.
he can be amazing most of the time, but today he was a total shit.
We had to go pick up our new car. I had to go to the dealership to sign papers etc.
so he picks me up at 5p.m in the pouring rain in rush hour traffic.
I'm pretty mellow and chatting away in the passenger seat.
He is in full-on-road-rage-mode.
It is the one place we have some serious arguments. the damn car.
he is an excellent driver, but he becomes a totally different person when he is behind the wheel.
The swearing alone would make a truck driver blush.
I figured when I was pregnant he would drive with extra caution, and be calm and in control.
No such luck.
Plenty of times I thought I would give birth in the front seat from the stress alone.
Now that we have precious cargo on board (lulu) you would think that he would just chill.
no dice.
it is infuriating.
So now we have a shiny new car, I'm looking forward to driving it,
just not with big daddy in it at the same time.
Did I mention that he is THE worst back-seat driver?
I think I might just take a cab instead,
even that would be more relaxing.
that boy is in the dog house....


sunshine scribe said...

He's got some serious cleaning to do.

Every man's got their "thing" but a good vent can sure help.

something blue said...

I can completely relate.

It never fails that we will argue in the car. I think most trips that I will likely have a heart attack. For the sake of our girls I try to zip it, stare out the passenger window and fume.

All his accidents have happened when I'm not in the car so I'd like to think some of my nagging has been beneficial.

HeatherJ said...

My husband is the same way. He is in such a hurry to get places and he gets so freakin pissed off sometimes. He is a really good driver, but it still stresses me out.