Thursday, March 30, 2006


sleep is such a good thing.
I love a good sleep as much as anyone.
since lulu has arrived, there has been a complete change in the sleep times around here.
the first three months were a write off. Sleep, what's that?
Oddly enough I really didn't mind.
Often times, long after she fell back asleep in the middle of the night I would just stare at her in awe.
"I actually MADE"
then after the 4th month, the lack of sleep started to catch up with me, but big daddy came to the rescue and started doing night time feedings, or early morning. Amazing how 5-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep can improve a mood.
then our little angel started sleeping from 7:30, 8ish straight through to 7 a.m...
we kept pinching ourselves to see if we weren't dreaming.
that was a good few months while it lasted.
then over the past month or so, there is absolutely no rhyme nor reason as per the time lulu wakes up and falls asleep.
I'm pretty sure it's the teething thing.
lately she won't go down until 10 p.m then wakes up again at 12 am or 3 am or 5 am and wants to play.
sheesh..I do still look at her and think "I actually MADE you" but those thoughts take on a whole new meaning at 4 am after being spoiled for months by an angelic sleeping baby.
although I have to admit, It is pretty cute when she sticks her tiny fingers into big daddy's ears and nose and starts bouncing up and down wanting to play.
but 4-5 nights in a row is another story.
Last night while I was out, (big daddy in charge) she apparently fell asleep on the kitchen floor right after her bath at 7:30!
I would have stayed home just to witness that!
(she's pretty high maintenance regarding the bedtime routine)
anyhow she slept through the night, happily chatting away softly at around 7 a.m.
could this be the end of the sporadic sleeplessness?
yah right..I wish.


sunshine scribe said...

Falling asleep on the kitchen floor .... cute!

My son didn't sleep through the night (consistently) until he was 18 months old.

You make cute babies :)

scarbie doll said...

I found that he slept well from 3-6 months. Then the teething, the moving and the coming off the meds all at once -- totally screwed him. Did the Cry It Out thing at 11 months or so. Then the holidays screwed him up. He's been sleeping through the night consistently since the end of Feb (13/14 months old) and the difference it has made on our marriage and on my face is amazing.