Tuesday, March 28, 2006

mini kitchen

according to my mom when I was a baby they provided me with my very own kitchen cupboard.
I could pull out all the funky pastel colored tupperware and enamel beige & orange flowered pots and pans that my hearts desired...
sorry, just having a 70ies flashback.
I believe there is a picture of me with an olive green plastic colander on my head somewhere in one of the aqua blue tie-dyed photo-albums...
Unfortunately for lulu we can't afford the kitchen cupboard real-estate.
I need every last nook and cranny of my kitchen.
There is never enough storage space in these old toronto houses.
and that's after a complete overhaul and kitchen reno.
Besides if I let lulu go into the pots & pans cupboard she liable to crush a leg or something.
I mean All Clad saute pans are freakin heavy!
but I feel bad. What I had, my daughter should have.
I came up with a solution.
Mini pots and pans from Ikea.
they were inexpensive, and she loves them.
when I'm cooking and pulling out the "big" pots and pans,
she gets her pots and pans.
just like mommy.
it's so cute to watch her shake the pan around, is she thinking about slowly simmering a tasty reduction?
lightly sauteing delicious spring vegetables?
probably not.
I think she just enjoys looking at her reflection and banging them together as loud and frantically as she can,
that is until I pick her up and let her hold the wooden spoon that I'm using to make dinner!


sunshine scribe said...

What a spectacular photo!

We too live in one of those old cupboard-challenged house. Those mini ikea pans were a life saver during cooking time at our place too (so were the mini whisk/spoons, and mini apron and mini etc etc - too much time at ikea).

Your little girl couldn't be more adorable. Thanks for stopping by my blog - yours is great too!!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Damn! I just told myself that I wasn't going to spend any more money on toys for a while. Now I HAVE to have those tiny IKEA pots and pans for Chicky Baby. The Hubby would freak if he knew I was letting her play with the Calphalon!
Love your blog. Lulu is a doll!

Her Bad Mother said...

Brilliant! I'm totally stealing that idea! (Once I recover from the fog of memory of playing with Tupperware in the 70's...)

Lulu is gorgeous. Great photo!