Saturday, March 11, 2006

the first course

so this is my first foray into the world of blogs.
I love reading them, especially martini for milk.
scarbie doll is hilarious.
It's become something of a habit,
wake up
feed baby
have coffee
check email
check weather
then read all about the adventures of scarbie doll (among others)
it's strangely soothing as a new mom, knowing you're not alone and that you share some very similiar experiences
with complete strangers.
so I figured I would give it a whirl.
the bambino is almost 11 months now.
It's been a great experience so far.
we have been blessed with a very happy and healthy baby, and I'm pretty grateful for that.
she's a good sleeper and eater (thus the name of the blog) so no complaints.
she is however starting to get the itch to socialize more often.
if she even catches a glimpse of another kid she goes berserk. A slight exaggeration, but my mommy guilt kicks in and I wonder if I'm not providing enough interaction with other kids for her.
when she was 3-6 months we did a mommy/baby yoga class.
she seemed to enjoy it and excelled at upward dog.
then we moved onto music class from 6 months to now and she really loves it.
she plays a mean kazoo, and is awesome on the empty traveling toothbrush holder (which sounds exactly like a flute)
she claps and is doing her little wiggle dance these days.
we walk every day and go out as often as the weather permits.
I'm personally not a big "joiner" and enjoy spending time on my own.
so I'm not part of any mommy group or anything like that.
I have very few friends with kids (although a few are currently working on that)
so it makes it a bit challenging to find "lou lou" some new baby buddies.
now that the weather is improving, hopefully we'll "hook up" at the park.
although from what I can see in our new neighborhood, it appears to be mostly nannies with kids during the weekdays,
and I don't speak Filipino (tagalog), so making new connections could be tricky.
positive thinking.
but today is Sunday,
papa bear is home today, and lou lou is probably getting hungry.
we are heading down to our old "cool" neighbourhood (pre baby) to have brunch and maybe check out some galleries,
looking forward to that.
Petite Dejeuner du jour-rice cereal, pureed banana apple strawberry, milk.


ninepounddictator said...

Love your blog! Good for you for starting. It is somehow quite relaxing to get your thoughts down...
I think you have such a sweetie! Also, you took Jason's spin class and you are shopping at Pussies (i noticed the cart - i always look for details...)
Do we know each other?
Would you like me to link your blog from mine?

And don't you think raising get really fun about now?

scarbie doll said...

Hey, congrats on the blog! And thanks for the flattery. You are giving me a swelled head.

Your daughter is beautiful. I was kinda hoping for a Lou-Lou myself. Maybe next time.

Anonymous said...

hello, im not sure what it is about moving north of eglington, but all of a sudden old white women w/ kids feel like they cant talk to any non-white women w/ kids. whose to say that those filipinas don't speak english or that those kids in their care aren't their children. stretch your mind a bit - figure out simple biology; and when you travel either to an asian mall or out of the country dont be so damned ethnocentric. remember - there is more to life than just starbucks and volvos/pusateries

petite gourmand said...

hey "anonymous", you obviously missed my point.
first, I actually don't live north of eglington.
second, my point is that it seems as though all the "white"ladies in my new neighbourhood seem to hire other people to raise their kids- and my point is that, it's too bad, because being able to raise your own child has become a luxury. The majority of nannies happen to be filipino, and if you read this saturday's globe, you would find an article about how a filipino nanny had to leave her 3 daughters in the phillipines to raise someone else's kids here in canada..I think this is a very sad situation in our society.
From a financial stand point it made sense, but she had many regrets. I wonder if a generation from now there will be a much larger price to pay, 65% of mothers are back in the work force within 6 months of having a baby. I think this is sad. As far as your insinuation that I may be "racist" you are obviously the one who sounds racist by generalizing about "old white women who drive volvos and shop at pusateries"
that would be like me saying that all chinese drive toyotas. how stupid.
F.Y.I. that wasn't my car in the background of that shot.
I also shop for food all around the city, as per the name of the blog.
kensington, st.lawrence, price chopper, mostly independent fruit/veg. shops in my neighbourhood. so once again your generalization is wrong.
you might be right about the being old thing, that is if you think 35 is old.
it's a shame that you felt the need to write anonymously, as I would love to know that you received this rebuttal.
The whole purpose to writing a blog for me was to try to make positive connections and to doccument the trivial stuff in our lives maybe it might be of interest some day to my daughter.
I'm new to blogging, motherhood and my neighbourhood. So maybe you should cut me some slack.
My comments about the pacific mall etc. were to illustrate how amazing I thought toronto can be especially how culturally diverse, and accepting. I myself am in an interracial marriage.
so once again your assumptions are incorrect.
thanks to you I now feel misunderstood and therefore may not continue blogging. I certainly don't want to share images of my daughter and insight into my life with someone as judgemental as you.
I think I know basic biology, unless somehow it's possible for filipino women to give birth to blonde hair blue eyed kids, I'm about 99.9% sure that these are the nannies and not the mothers.
Besides, I always try to say hello and interact, but often they are in a group of 3-4 other "nannies" and just not interested.
I would like to know what inspired you to be so negative to my posting in the first place.