Friday, March 17, 2006

what goes up.....

so a couple of months ago we had to take the plunge and put up the ol' safety gates.
it was hard to do as we had just finished doing renovations on the house and replaced all the wood work on all the staircases and banisters.
but you gotta do what you gotta do.
these gates give me a certain amount of peace of mind. But now lou lou has discovered how to go up the stairs.
should we get more gates? big daddy has been trying to teach L.L. how to slide down. she hasn't ventured further than the third step, but I know more are coming. hmmm what a conundrum.
we also have a big heavy coffee table with super sharp corners. I vowed I wouldn't go crazy and child proof everything in sight, but when she wacks her head constantly into one of the sharp corners, I cringe.
so we picked up the corner bumpers. which she promptly removed and started chewing on.
then the tiny fingers went exploring the electric sockets...well almost, until I gasped and scared the poop out of her.
Poor little thing, I thing the fright i caused her was worse than an electric shock.
so I guess this is just the beginning of many bumps and bruises to come. I can try my best to keep her out of harms way, but I guess I can't child proof her from life.
speaking of what goes up must come down.
on my way downtown yesterday I saw one of my mommy friends up in my neighborhood walking with another mom.
normally this wouldn't be a big deal to me, but we had tentative plans for wednesday (loosely) and it didn't end up happening.
I left a message and said let's try for next week instead. I heard nothing back. i figured she's busy, baby's sick or what ever.
then I see her on the Thurs. in MY hood. which is odd because she doesn't have access to a car, and I always go down to her neighborhood which is on the other end of the city. I felt like I was being cheated on! I'm being stupid I know, but it was weird to think that she would make an effort to come uptown for someone else and not me.
we were friends and our bambinos are close to the same age. two combinations in my friendships that are rare. I want to continue our friendship, but maybe...."she's just not that into me".....sigh.
I guess that's life.
or maybe I'm just being paranoid.

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scarbie doll said...

That's totally hilarious. I also got snubbed by a mommy, but she lives in my hood. She "picked me up" in the park and after going to a drop in with her a time or two, she just stopped calling. It's so funny how things are the same as high school in mommydom, just with a different context.

It might be a while before LL figures out how to get down the stairs. We never put a gate at the bottom, so we'd just have to follow him when he decided he wanted to climb up. We have a gate at the top stair and then one that is tension mounted that moves from room to room so we can lock him in the living room or keep him out of the kitchen.

Right now I am so jealous of your floors and the newness of your baseboards, I could scream.