Wednesday, March 22, 2006

tiny fingers

so I snuck off to get a quick much needed manicure yesterday.
I've become totally neurotic about hand washing and using purell since the arrival of the wee one.
Between that and the long dry winter ,the ol'mitts have taken a beating this year.
I'm not a unicorn/ rainbow decal kinda girl, nor gel tips with a french manicure look.
I just want a quick no frills maintenance job. get rid of the cuticles and one quick drying coat of OPI-bubble bath.
I go to this great place that's always busy and pretty cheap. ($16 for a mani)
there's often plenty of women in there gabbing away.
The majority are women older than me, maybe 40-55ish.
I often learn alot about having kids while there.
I actually got the name of my pediatrician from a women there once.
I also get the scoop on the schools, kids programs etc.
yesterday I was chatting with a woman who has a 13 year old girl.
She was looking longingly at lou lou and started reminiscing about when her daughter was 11 months old.
Now she sais her daughter is entering the "moody-attitude" stage.
and it just seemed like yesterday that this "kid" was once a very sweet and innocent baby who didn't talk back or said things like:
"you're not wearing THAT when dropping me off to school are you??"
"she'll come around" I offered, knowing full well that this is just the beginning for this poor woman. I was such a little shit when I was a teenager, I still feel guilty about some of the crazy stuff I used to say to my mother.
She then reminded me to cherish Lou lou while she is so young and sweet,
And to just live in the moment and not get too ahead of myself by worrying about schools etc.
It's probably the best advice I've heard from the nail salon.
So this morning when lou lou fell asleep in my arms for her morning nap, instead of quickly putting her down in her crib and making a dash for the shower, computer, washing machine, phone etc. I just held her for an extra half an hour, staring at her pretty little face, listening to her precious little squeaks and the rhythm of her soft breath. Sniffing her little head and quietly kissing her. Trying to etch the moment into my memory for later use.
Because lord knows I'll need it when she hits 13!

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emily said...

The photo you have here is beautiful. I too have held my little one just a bit longer than needed. My "babies" are 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 goes by so quickly.