Monday, April 03, 2006

hot rod weekend

okay so big daddy redeemed himself by driving like a civilized human being this weekend.
we decided to go for a road trip with the new wheels.
So we went to visit my folks. a.k.a. the world's most enthusiastic grandparents.
we had a nice drive down to their place,
lulu now get's to face forward in her seat, and she was absolutely delighted by the change of vantage point.
(she's still an lb. or two shy from the 20lb mark..but it's not like we were pulling a Brittany Spears front seat with baby fiasco)
we needed to return some baby clothes/gifts across the border to the states..bit of an inconvenience,
but thoughtful gift none-the-less.
so off we went to the "outlet mall"...not exactly my idea of a fun way to spend the day, but when in Rome...
we managed to get in and out of there in an hour and a half..not too bad.
we only spent about $100.00 us.
but it's so funny how when you are crossing back over the border you start to break out in a cold sweat- "rehearsing" what you are going to say and declare.
it's not like we are smuggling anthrax back into canada..
two baby sundresses a couple of tee's and a sweater.
Big daddy gets really panicky, it's so funny.
I always declare everything, so big deal if you have to pay the tax and duty.
Frankly it's just not worth the headache to lie.
we managed to go out without baby for a dinner date.
the food was phenomenal.
Wine was equally good.(could have done with a glass or two day was a tad rough around the ol' edges)
It was so nice to have a grown up evening while my parents baby-sat.
Bonus that they live in Canada's largest wine region.
note to self: we really should visit more often.
the only draw back was the sleeping arrangements.
two single beds.
not that I mind having my own space once an a while, and it's not like we were planning any "naughtiness" while in my parents home...tsk tsk.
but lulu refused to sleep in the play pen and ended up in bed with big daddy.
poor guy barely slept, worrying about her falling out of the tiny bed.
at one point I looked over and lulu was in the middle of the bed, head on pillow sleeping like a princess.
big daddy was hanging off the edge.
I managed a few drunken zzz's.
what a guy.
So he is no longer in the dog house.
even if on the way home yesterday he was totally riding the car in front of us's ass.
Is "us's" an actual word?


Anonymous said...

and his shoulder is probably still sore. You should give Big Daddy an hour long shoulder rub, he sounds like he could really use it.

sunshine scribe said...

Sounds like a great hot rod weekend!