Monday, April 24, 2006

happy birthday

today is the day.
one year ago today, our lives were forever altered.
The weather is exactly the same as when sweet lulu entered this world.
rainy & cold.
but as the saying goes, april showers...bring may flowers...and we certainly have a little flower in our lives.
in fact, the week she came home with us all the blossoms appeared in the backyard.
to the day.
amazing how sentimental you become when you are a parent.
This has truly been the fastest and most eventful year of my life.
Before lulu was born I had no idea what to expect.
Would I be a good mother?
would I know what to do?
would I lose touch with myself and become just.."mom"?
so many unknowns.
But I never would have guessed that having a child (specifically lulu) would enrich my life so much.
I can't even begin to try to express how much I love her (though most mothers know exactly how I feel)
I mean she is just the brightest little ray of sunshine, and always makes me smile..yes even in the middle of the night.
I enjoy spending time with her and teaching her new things each day.
Her personality is becoming more pronounced, and she has this great sense of humor.
Thank-god for that, because I think humor is the one thing that can help you get through life.
she is amazingly friendly and social, and loves to flirt with anyone who flashes her a smile.
lately she has really become extra affectionate...this morning while lying on the pillow next to me she was making her attempt at stroking my cheek...(it was more like poking me in the eye and slapping me) but hey I'll take it, I know her heart was in the right place.
ahhh sweet little lulu.
We had a party for her (and us..) this weekend, and it was so much fun.
we had about 20 people or so, and she loved all the action.
especially the birthday song, cupcakes and great presents from all our generous friends.
today it's just going to be the three of us.
our little family.
grandma & grandpa did pop by for a visit and of course more presents....
but tonight it's just us three....
so happy birthday lulu...
we love you more than you can imagine.


HeatherJ said...

She is a beautiful birthday girl. What a sweet letter to your little one. It is always so bittersweet to see them get older, but it is also so much fun to see them grow.

sunshine scribe said...

Such stunning photos and what a beautiful, sweet post.

Happy birthday Lulu!

ninepounddictator said...

Happy birthday. Love your sweater!!

scarbie doll said...

Happy Birthday Lulu! May your future be filled with pretty cupcakes.