Wednesday, April 19, 2006

to do lists

I can't leave the house without a list of some sort.
The problem is that when retreiving the post-it-to-do-list from my pocket I end up finding about a half a dozen,
so then I have to figure out which one is relevant for that particular day.
Though most of them look about the same
soy milk
baby food
burt's bees baby stuff
baby mum mum's
toilet paper
insert (dinner du jour)
p/u dry cleaning
blah blah...
I must say I actually like making lists and getting everything done on them.
this week I need more than just a post-it (I wonder if post-it's come in scroll form?)
as I'm getting ready for the big birthday bash this weekend.
And insane me has decided to cook everything (from scratch) no cutting corners, aside from buying already smoked salmon rather than setting up a smoker in the back yard and doing it myself...
oh and after two seperate attempts to bake the birthday cupcakes (recipe testing, I know I'm a nut) I decided to meet big daddy half way and get them catered, from an amazing cupcake delivery place called eini cupcakes.
they are sure to be a real show stopper.
plus my cupcakes sucked the big one.
one more thing to add to my to-do-list...
speak to therapist about making too many to-do-lists.

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HeatherJ said...

I love making lists. I have been known to make a first draft of a grocery list before finalizing it (I like to group things by department). I got so excited the other day when I found a cute new notepad just for lists.

How sad am I?