Sunday, April 09, 2006

land of the living

april is such a busy month.
lot's going on and it's great to be getting out and about.
the w.m.e.g's (world's most enthusiastic grandparents) came to babysit this weekend.
gotta love that.
big daddy and I had a fun filled couple of days.
saturday we did some shopping and enjoyed the sunny (very brisk) weather.
then we went out for dinner at Izakaya (on front st.) fun and hip atmosphere, pretty decent food.
we actually sat at communal table, which was nice.
ironically I sat next to the only baby in the place and new mom, so of course there was a bit of baby talk,
but it was fine by me, she was such a sweet gal.
Not the kind of place I would have expected to find a change table but they did infact have one.
I was impressed. (I mean Terroni doesn't even have one and it's always filled with kids, what's up with that??)
then off to our next destination.
the drake, for a birthday soirée.
lot's of fun.
so great to see so many people all gathered together to celebrate my favorite british man about town's b-day.
I can't believe how busy it is now down on Queen w. , things have really changed over the years.
I wondered if by being a s.a.h.m-part.time/freelancer??? (still trying to figure all that out) I would have anything interesting to chat about with my childless-downtown-hipster-friends (vast majority being gay), but I did, and it wasn't all about baby.
a bit, but not all.
anyhow we had such a great time that I didn't realize the time and got home past curfew at around 1:30, can't remember doing that for a while.
this morning when lulu wanted to play at 6 am, I was reminded why I don't stay out past 11 these days.
but it was well worth it.
so refreshing to have a grownup evening and be reminded of my former self (which I discovered last night, is not all that different from my present self)

today was another socially full day, but far more tame.
Afternoon tea at the windsor arms, for a baby shower.
there must have been 3 or 4 showers happening today in there.
it was a full on estrogen-fest.
but so nice and relaxing.
Funny enough the conversations weren't all about babies either.
so a fantastic weekend...
I'm wiped. But in a really good way.


happychyck said...

Your blog is enjoyable! Your pictures are WONDERFUL! I totally have picture envy! You are well on your way to a great blog!

ninepounddictator said...

isn't that always the get the grandparents to babysit so you can go out to dinner with your hubby/partner and you're always sitting next to a baby? That always happens to me...
Oh, and I love Terroni....yum...

sunshine scribe said...

Sounds like a spectacularly exhausting weekend!

scarbie doll said...

Come on! You're killing me with the pics. They are too good. Fess up about your secret life as a photog or something. You have a gift.

Those pink macaroons are hot by the way.

Tracy said...

sounds like a great time out! i am sure i wouldn't recognize queen st. at all anymore (moved away from TO 10 yrs ago now...)

Sheena said...

Oh cool... I'm moving to the neighbourhood next month and on the lookout for any tips.

Any recommendations on gyms?