Saturday, April 08, 2006

sweet treats

we finally decided to send out the invites to lulu's first birthday party.
the list went from 60 people to 15-20ish.
much more realistic in regards to the capacity of our tiny toronto house.
Even that (if the weather doesn't cooperate) will be a tight squeeze,
but it's comprised of all our favorite people who all want to celebrate with us, so it should be fun.
big daddy and I have been discussing the menu, he sais "let's cater it"
I say "no way, I can do it."
So I'm doing some test recipes to make sure no-one goes home from the party with food poisoning.
I have a bit of a theme going, being that it's spring and we have such a sweet little girly.
so last night after frozen pizza (gotta love the president's choice blue line low cal pizza's), caesar salad and some cabernet sauvignon I decided to start baking.
so at midnight this is what I came up with:

White Chocolate Macaroons
funny enough I really don't like white chocolate I'm definitely a dark choc-o-holic,
but in keeping with my "theme" gotta go light and airy.
1 cup almond meal
2 cup icing sugar
1 tablespoon flour
4 egg whites
2 tablespoons caster-sugar
8 oz white-chocolate (melted)
pink foodcolouring

mix first three ingredients set aside
beat egg whites until soft peaks form then add caster sugar.
fold both together
drop tbs. amount onto cookie sheet (lined- I love my silpat)
bake @ 320 F for 12-14 min
don't open the oven
let cool on tray
spread base w/ white(pink) chocolate and sandwich together.

So I did a bit of sampling, and they are pretty good. Very sweet, and light and fluffy.
I think I got around 16 from this recipe (but big daddy may have had something to do with the number not getting to 20 cookies total)

coming soon....coconut cupcakes.

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sunshine scribe said...

Ohhh that sounds delicious!! The party will be wonderful - lucky lulu and lucky well-fed guests! No wonder she is a petite gourmand with a mom who had recipes like that!!