Saturday, April 29, 2006

spring has sprung

I love the spring.
the weather is great, not too hot, not too cold.
everything just feels clean and fresh, (no smog alerts yet)
the flowering trees are breath taking.
People are generally happier and therefore friendlier.
well, with the exception of the staff at TNT blu in yorkville....
talk about bitchy.
and those are the male employees I'm talking about.
I think they give you attitude if you are pushing a stroller...ewww "breeders"...
or maybe they just give everyone attitude??
who knows.
I do know that big daddy was in need of a little retail therapy, and was ready to drop a bundle to find some new jeans.
BAD service= NO sales.
we ended up at Over The Rainbow and although the place is in desperate need of a facelift,
the staff were so much more helpful.
So maybe they didn't have quite the selection as tnt, but they still had loads of jeans, which is what we were in search of.
The clincher was that they gave lulu a free over the rainbow tee...and a balloon.
Happy & Distracted baby=Big sales.
let's just say that the therapy session was a successful one.
that being said, I would love to avoid anymore shopping this weekend and just enjoy the FREE eye therapy.
the trees and flowers make me far happier than a good fitting pair of jeans...
okay, that's not entirely true, but i think I will enjoy sitting under a tree in my new jeans.


yogamummy said...

Since you live in Toronto, I'll share my latests spring eye candy. MOST gorgeous magnolia tree (those are my faves) on Poplar Plains Road (across the street and a bit North of Mabin School). Found it last night on a power walk (attempted) and it completely cheered me up.

Hope you can see it. Love the blog. (me: Downtown, stay at home Mom of two under 5years old). And, I will head to North of damn Lawrence to shop at Pusateri's. Ahhhh...

ninepounddictator said...

I just came in to Toronto from Calgary. Man, the weather is nice here! I'm loving it!

As for Over The Rainbow...I agree with you. It's in desperate need for a face lift! But they are super nice there.

I feel old when I walk in there though. Because all the staff are like 12.

I'm also with you on the bad service - bad service = no service from me.