Friday, May 05, 2006

room service

so last weekend was fun.
uncle p-diddy was here for a quick visit.
it's lots of fun when he comes to town.
big daddy and his big bro are super close, and it's great when work brings him to T.O.
Lulu had fun and really loves her uncle p.
She has 4 uncles total,
well...5 if you include her uncle in-law who is married to big daddy's oldest brother-uncle abracadabra.
no aunties....well I guess my brother's new wife counts as her aunt.
But since no one has even met her, it feels strange calling her lulu's aunt.
They live in Taiwan, and not sure when I'll see my brother next. It's been around 5 years or so. Time flies.
It does make me sad that lulu probably won't get to know my only brother.
We have really drifted apart over the years.
We were close when we were younger and we didn't have a falling out anything dramatic like that,
we are both just really opposite.
I do try, but Taiwan is pretty far away and he really isn't overly interested in his family.
I feel really bad for my mom, it must really hurt when your child excludes you from his/her life.
we both had the same up bringing
so I'm not sure what's up with "uncle ringo" I hope he comes around but he is 32 years old,
and he's not some rebellious teenager anymore, so I just hope he eventually matures and realizes that family is THE most important thing in life.
well at least it is to me.
but fortunately big daddy has three older brothers whom I adore.
I'm also lucky to have them in my life as well as lulu's.
really looking forward to a reunion in June when all the brothers will be in the same city for the first time since we were married almost six years ago!
time flies..
I said that already, didn't I?


ninepounddictator said...

Oh, I know exactly how you feel. My older brother lives in Israel, and he had a baby last year....i feel bad, not only that Rowan, The Dictator, won't get to know her uncle, but also her cousin...And i know it makes my mom feel bad that her only two grandchildren don't live in the same city (But, I still visit her a lot!)

I'm with you on the family thing. I do think, however, that if push came to shove, uncle ringo would be there...or so i'd like to think!

And, yes, time flies

sunshine scribe said...

Stunning photos as usual :)

Uncle Ringo is the one who is missing out on not getting to know lulu. But he'll come around. It was almost an identical story with my own brother and it is very recently he has come to some kind of realization and gotten back into being part of our family again.

Sounds like lulu has lots of amazing uncles though!!

Her Bad Mother said...

My entire family is out west, so I hear ya.

But can I ask? The track suit! OMG! Whence the track suit? Love it.