Wednesday, May 17, 2006


so it's day three of the battle of the bulge.
got on the scale today and it's looks about the same as yesterday.
I want instant results and I want them now!
I know this is not possible, but a girl can dream can't she?
I'm not "dieting" I'm just..well, I'm not sure what I'm doing..but I'm hoping for some improvement.
Tonight when I got home in the pouring rain I instantly felt like take-out.
Chinese or even pizza.
My craving was triggered buy me sitting in the car in my driveway waiting for lulu to wake up (didn't have the heart to drag her out of the car in the pouring rain until she had a full 45 min nap) and watching a pizza delivery guy pull up to the house next to mine.
I felt like pretending that it was us that ordered it.
"excuse me, yoohoo! it's actually us that ordered that warm, cheesy, yummy pizza"...I couldn't do it.
besides I think my neighbour was watching me from the window wondering what the hell I'm doing sitting in my car in my drive way for 20 minutes. busted.
so it was sautéed swiss chard and acorn squash for was okay,
but a pizza would have been soooo much better.


indigo herself said...

ooohhh...i think they serve pizza in heaven. definately food of the gods. good luck with the battle. i suppose swiss chard has its' charms. supposedly drinking green tea helps. i must admit to pizza cravings all too often.

sunshine scribe said...

I am incapable of reading your blog without becoming hungry! Must. have. pizza. Or even your Swiss Chard has me must write a cook book. I'd by 10 copies :)

jess said...

i dunno about that, the squash and chard sound better to me...

besides, you can feed that stuff to your baby with a much better conscience than pizza anyhow

good luck losing the baby weight!