Sunday, May 14, 2006

happy mother's day

today was really no different than any other, very low key.
my kind of day.
I had an extra hour of sleep this morning (thanks big daddy) though in all fairness he usually gets up with lulu on the weekends anyhow.
but she's a good little sleeper and usually sleeps until 7:30 +so we all end up getting up together, hanging in our bed, drinking coffee and playing and reading.
great way to start the day.
we had our morning smoothies...same as everyday.
I put lulu down for her morning nap...same as everyday.
I took a long hot bath..this was a treat. Haven't done that in a while.
big daddy and I had brunch together while lulu napped from 11-1 p.m..little darling.
I swore I wasn't going to succumb to the bakeries on the street, but we did indulge in some warm whole wheat bread and poached eggs (with my new egg poacher...mother's day gift) it's the gift that keeps on giving.
big d. also sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Teatro Verde on Friday, very sweet of him.
we took a stroll through the 'hood and hit the park for a swing..same as everyday.
big d. is giving lulu her bath and then we will have some dinner...same as everyday.
so mother's day this year was very relaxing and uneventful.
fine by me.
I don't need any new toys or trinkets to feel appreciated.
Nor do I expect some big hoopla.
Just the fact that I could spend the day with my two favourite people was enough for me.
so I hope all my fellow mommy bloggers had a wonderful and relaxing mother's day.
maybe some of you had the whole breakfast in bed, Sunday brunch thing, complete with home-made cards from the kiddies.
Or maybe some of you got the L.V. bag that you had your eye on.....
however you spent the day, I hope it was a good one.
happy mother's day!


sunshine scribe said...

Sounds like the perfect relaxing mother's day -- you deserve it!

jess said...

wow! first time here, new mom of a 7 month old, avid hobbyist chef, and photographer by trade- i think i'm in love.

your food photos are awesome, great blending of subjects, perfect for me....thanks!