Tuesday, May 30, 2006

up up & away

just returned from a fun weekend away.
it was big daddy and my 6th anniversary.
so we spontaneously decided to go to new york for the weekend.
Friday we woke up and said "let's go to NYC this weekend"
a few hours later, the three of us were on a flight to laguardia.
I don't know what was more fun, being there, or deciding last minute to go.
we are both big planners, so it made it all the more fun to just go with the flow.
Having a baby in new york is a blast.
It's an entirely different experience.
lulu loved every minute of it and so did we.
I will definitely write more tomorrow, I'm completely exhausted at the moment.
we walked what seemed like the entire length of manhattan and it was hot hot hot outside.
so that's all for now.
time to rest the dogs, cause they are barkin'.


HeatherJ said...

You just proved that spontaneity does not die once you have kids. I love that you just woke up and decided to go to NYC, you make me proud. Happy 6th anniversary. We celebrate ours in July. 2000 was a great year to get married. Always easy to remember how many years you have been married.

Sheena said...

Where did you eat? I want to know.
Last good new place I tried was Dos Caminos a high end Mexican place where they make a big bowl of guacamole from scratch at your table so you can control level of spice, garlic, etc etc.

Probably back there the week of the 12th, so spill your guts if you found something good...