Tuesday, May 16, 2006

battle of the bulge

so it's day two of my path to losing the baby belly once and for all.
I've said it before, but really, enough is enough.
I have to do something and do it now.
I'd love to lose those last clinging 5 lbs...can't seem to shake 'em.
10 lbs would be fantastic...
I can't quite figure out why though.
I'm quite active and on the go most of the time.
I think I eat pretty well.
smoothie & coffee for breakfast
2-3 glasses of water
salad or wrap for lunch
2 glasses of water
dinner is usually well balanced and varied...lots of chicken and fish and veg. red meat only once a week
2 glasses of water or herbal tea (usually mint)
I do have a sweet tooth though, and can't seem to finish the day without some form of chocolate.
this could be the culprit..but I just CAN'T give up dessert!
and oh, I usually don't drink during the week, an occasional glass of red wine.
weekends we have been known to polish off a bottle or two.
But that can't be all that bad, I mean red wine is an anti-oxidant..right??
and a girls gotta have some fun.
I've never had a Daisy Fuentes type bod, and my...ahem..midsection has never even come close to resembling a six pack.
More like a keg.
okay I'm being hard on myself.
But I am constantly checking out other moms bods, and it seems to me that there are alot of very fit chicks out there!
Flat tummies pushing around double strollers...How the hell do they do it??
I'm at a loss.
The winter isn't so bad, you can throw on a sweater and coat and who knows what's lurking underneath.
but it's almost summer..argh!
the thought of bathing suits makes me break into a cold sweat...
so that's it. no chocolate tonight. no wine. no fun.
it's only Tuesday, can I make it to Friday? (that's my Jessica simpson cheat day)
yum..roasted carrots, broccoli and skinless turkey breast.


Mrs. Chicky said...

Oh, I hear ya. I need to buckle down a lot more myself and start to tone up and lose that extra 5 pounds.

But I will NOT give up my red wine and chocolate!

HeatherJ said...

Dessert is what does it to me. I eat pretty well all day, lots of water, fruit, and veggies. Then dessert time rolls around and "just one cookie" turns into 6 or 7 cookies. I need to batten down the hatches and lose this extra weight.

Gabriella said...

I agree with your post entirely. But how can you resist dessert!!!!

Kristal said...

You should check out http://www.sparkpeople.com

It's a great weight loss website; they'll give you a daily food plan (if you want it), plus excercise plans and tons of motivational articles. There's a food tracker, so you can enter what you eat and keep track of your calories.

The best part is, you can tell it your current weight and desired weight, and the number of minutes you want to excercise per week, and Spark People will give you a target calorie range and show you how many calories you need to burn at the gym. It really helped me answer the "why am I not losing weight?" question. It is really a fantastic website, and no, I promise I'm not affiliated with them! :-)