Thursday, May 18, 2006

ipod woes

lost-one ipod.
I'm totally bummed.
I left it at the gym yesterday and of course no-one turned it in.
so someone out there is listening to MY music.
I kept eyeing everyone at the gym today to see if they might have the audicity to be wearing it.
see what you get when you finally haul ass and go to the gym!
ah well, could have been worse, it could have been my wallet or keys or something even more annoying to replace.
I just downloaded Sigur Ros "svefn G Englar" for a nice cool down stretching session. damn.
day# four of my belly banishment challenge.
going well, I dropped 2 lbs!
3 lbs more to go to be back where I started pre: lulu.
(8 lbs more and I'll be ecstatic)
doesn't seem like much but they are the hardest to shed.
aside from pure vanity, I have to admit, no alcohol, no chocolate and lots of excercise has been making me far less moody.
(and this is supposed to be my "moody" week, I will refrain from using the term bitchy, though big daddy might disagree)
but we are entering a long weekend tomorrow- May "two-four" eh. and I just wanna give-er...kidding.
awe, I could be listening to "every bodies work'in for the weekend..everybody's goin' off the deep end.." by lover boy on my Sony Walkman...I mean ipod.


scarbie doll said...

Hey - kudos to you on the weight loss! I am so impressed that you are finding time to hit the gym. Sorry about your ipod. People at the gym are notorious kleptos.

My pal Blondie once had her make up case stolen at the gym. Used Makeup! Ew. People are gross.

indigo herself said...

rats! losing your ipod is like losing your diary. i lost my pink RaZr cell phone recently and felt pretty bummed since it was hard to find and had all my numbers in it. i have a funny story about losing, then finding my shoes at the gym.

it is called "a mile in your shoes." hope you don't mind my visitng, i have the friday procrastination mode going full tilt.

HeatherJ said...

My dad just lost his ipod on the bus and no one turned it in. I think he is more upset about all the time lost downloading everything.

I feel so sorry for your loss. May a new ipod fall into your lap. I have an old Rio 64mb MP3 player I could send you. It holds maybe two cds.

Tracy said...

ahhh victoria day. was my favorite long weekend. (and so many memories of it seem to include loverboy! hmmmm. i am dating myself!) enjoy!