Friday, May 19, 2006


just when I thought lulu couldn't physically get any cuter, today she did.
every day she seems to get brighter and brighter.
and by brighter I mean sparkly and full of life.
she has recently started making her version of a meowing sound.
it sounds more like eehhooww..but it's so damn cute.
we don't even have a cat.
though a neighbourhood kitty has set up camp on our front porch.
she is fascinated.
we used to get annoyed by it because it would spray the flower pots and the car.
nothing like the lovely smell of cat pee greeting you first thing in the morning when opening the door to retrieve the morning paper...
Now we look for this cat, just so we can watch lulu's reaction.
I swear having a child can really bring out the best in a person.
so in addition to her verbal impersonations she has discovered the warmth of the warm sun on the kitchen floor in the morning.
she sets up camp in the middle of the floor, sometimes sprawled out, on the sunny spot.
such a cute little kitten.


Kristen said...

Hi, I found you on Rebecca's blog. Don't you love the stuff they come up with? Mine is 13 1/2 months, and the other day in BabyGap, decided to say "Oh Crap" "Oh Geez" "Oh God" and "what did you do?" over and over.

jess said...

oooooh love the photo, and the outfit!