Saturday, May 13, 2006

happy b-day big daddy

well I'm a little late in my blog birthday wishes.
big daddy's birthday way actually may 10th.
I did remember though.
we had dinner at home with some friends who happen to share the same birthday.
I cooked all his a good wifey.
antipasto platter with lots of good stuff.
primi- wild mushroom ravioli with a drizzle of truffle olive oil and Parma cheese shaving.
secondi-bbq cumbrea's steak with a garlic thyme balsamic marinade served with grilled radicchio and grilled fennel.
dessert was some Sicilian pistachio home-made (not by me) gilatto & biscotti.
the way to my man's heart is definitely though his stomach.
The theme was Italian, which also included a bunch of travel books on Italy.
we finally booked a trip for the fall.
looking forward to that.
anyhow a busy week but still trying to soak up all the beautiful colours and smells of spring.
so many birthday's, mothers' day and coming soon- anniversary.
such a great time of year.
so sorry big daddy that I forgot to post a birthday wish for you on my blog on wednesday..
too busy "slaving" over a hot bbq. and opening all the store bought jars of antipasto......


HeatherJ said...

Happy Birthday Big Daddy! I am so jealous of the great food and Italy in the fall? Can I come too?

sunshine scribe said...

Happy Birthday Big Daddy. That meal sounded so delicious - I love it when you write about food!

Wishing you a very happy Mother's Day!