Sunday, May 21, 2006


we had some friends for dinner last night, initially we were going to celebrate their engagement.
then they announced even bigger news, that they are expecting.
it seems as though every-time we have friends for dinner they tell us about being pregnant.
this is the fourth time this has happened this year.
we are thrilled for all of them.
we were the first of our group of friends to have a baby,
now it seems like everyone is expecting or has just had a baby.
Two very good friends just had baby boys in the past two weeks. (congrats to them)
so we ended up toasting with some bubbly, then moved onto the vino.
of course mom-to-be didn't partake, but but that didn't prevent us from making too many toasts to remember.
I was good all week, and a little indulging from time to time is a good thing.
the food was excellent; if I do say so myself.
we started with artichoke crostini with prosecco. cheers!
then we had a seared scallop with pancetta as an amuse bouche.
it was so pretty and simple to make. I served it on a small white shell topped with a tiny sprig of thyme.
served with a Louis latour chardonnay. cheers!
then we had a tomato and fennel soup. again, so delish, and super easy to make.
served with a syrah.cheers!
for our main course we had herb encrusted beef tenderloin & tarragon green peas with a port reduction.
served with an amazing red from tuscany-Lodola Nuova-riserva good. Cheers! (said with a slight slur)
and for dessert we had chocolate mousse.
no more liquor, thankfully just herbal tea.
I'm still full. but everything was so tasty, and relatively healthy. (the chocolate mousse was from a light cook-book, so I didn't feel too guilty)
but both big daddy and I are a little rough around the edges today, all that clean living all week makes me even more of a lightweight than I already am.
so I'm back on the health wagon as of today.
well, after we get back from dim sum.
nothing beats a hangover better than shu mai.


sunshine scribe said...

Cheers indeed!

And dim sum is the best cure for a hangover for sure.

Love the photo with this post.

Sheena said...

That sounds like a fabulous dinner. Can we be friends so you can invite us over? But I'm not that big on fennel...

annie said...

I read your blog all the time - the pics are especially what draws me in, but now the menus are peaking my interest. A photographer and a cook, what talents. Thanks for sharing!

Gabriella said...

What a delicious post!!! I'm starving now!

hautemama said...

Wow, you take amazing photography!! And you should definately write a cookbook!! Oh and of course Lulu is a DOLL.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I love your blog! Lulu is so adorable and I love reading about your life and the food you eat.