Sunday, May 07, 2006

good vs. evil

okay i guess good vs. evil is a bit dramatic of a title.
heirloom tomatoes vs. saucisson from Quebec and soft brie from bath England isn't exactly good vs. evil.
but for me lately it is.
in the last few months not one but TWO bakeries have opened in my 'hood.
an already great cheese shop, renovated and re-located on the block.
A kick-ass butcher shop moved "up-town" carerra marble and all...the place could convert even the most die hard of my vegan friends...well maybe not.. but I'm sure even they would appreciate the impeccable standards in which these animals have given their lives for us carnivores to enjoy.
nothing but the best in this place.
within a year, my neighbourhood has become a foodie Mecca.
not in my wildest dreams could it have become so good.
but forget about "carb-free" diet.
I mean, I can smell the wood-burning fire, baking the cities... no, make that, the countries (screw Montreal) bagels from my front door step.
the bread baking at the amazing bakeries, the bbq smell that is best described as...well...July....ahhhh.
food food everywhere.
so what is a girl to do?
will I ever shed these last 5 post baby lbs??
how can I?
pilates/gym/yoga..power walking...all futile.
the yoga place is above the cheese shop.
the pilates place is above the gelato shop.
the gym is next door to the supermarket.
power walking...well I HAVE to walk by the bakeries for gods sake!!!!
lord help me...


Anonymous said...

Good food or exercise -- no comparison! My little one is 11 months old and I have also struggled with the last 5 pounds. 'They' always claim that it is harder to lose 5 lbs than it is to lose 20 lbs. I've recently started running (or should I say jogging)twice a week and I'm seeing results.

Her Bad Mother said...

Um, dude? Those photos (that second photo) and your gelato-bakery-bagel talk are sabotaging any hope that I have of maintaining a reasonable diet. Head spinning from tastebuds gone into overdrive...

I must now go peruse the photos of your child to straighten myself out...

sunshine scribe said...

Okay now I am starving. Those photos! Forget the diet!