Tuesday, May 23, 2006

good ol'

it occurred to me after re-reading my last post that I sound a little foodie pretentious.
not to say that anyone implied that, in-fact thanks for all the nice comments, much appreciated.
I just thought it did sounds a tad obnoxious.
amuse bouche was a bit much if I do say so myself.
But there are three things that I am really passionate about in life:
#1. my husband a.k.a. Big Daddy
#2. my 1 year old daughter -whom I can't imagine life without.
#3. food- which I also can't imagine life without. in-fact there would be no life without it.
But not everyday is spent making reductions and 5 course meals.
In-fact some days we just have good ol' pasta and veg.
Pre-lulu we used to eat out ALL the time. probably 5 times a week for dinner and lunch was almost always catered or take-away at work.
But I actually got pretty sick of that.
sooo much variety can sometimes make you start jonesing for a grilled cheese dipped in ketchup.
But now we really don't go out for dinner so much.
well every Friday we go out, but it's with lulu and it's @ 5:30. so it's not exactly a gourmet experience.
so I have really taken to my kitchen in the past year.
I absolutely love cooking.
some people can't stand it, I know.
In-fact I grew up in a house hold where my mother COULDN'T cook.
I'm surprised I'm still alive to write that, and never died of food poisoning!
My dad usually did the cooking,
but as soon as I was permitted to touch the stove I took over. well at least a few nights a week.
you either love it or hate it.
and I do love it.
it's the cleaning up I'm not so passionate about.


annie said...

Don't worry your last post wasn't obnoxious at all. You just sounded excited about a successful dinner party. Must admit I was glad to hear someone else ate out so much pre-baby!

The snapshots of your life are great. I'd like to have photos taken of my daughter but Sears portrait studio just won't cut it -now I sound like a snob -yikes! Are your services for hire?

Sheena said...

I agree.
Pretentious is more interesting, anyways.

Mimi said...

We always like going to the restaurant every Friday with the kids. But we are running out of options.....getting tired of Swiss Chalet and Jack Astors. Do you have any suggestions?

Sheena said...

Funny. Never really thought of those places as 'restaurants'.
What city are you in, Mimi?

HeatherJ said...

We also ate out all the time pre-kids. We once sat down and figured out how much we were spending going out and it was a little scary the amount of money we were throwing away.

I would love to be able to cook a 5 course meal. I just don't have the patience right now. I love hearing about others and their foodie skills.

ninepounddictator said...

Oh, can I come live with you? Please? I'm so sick of take out food. I think it's great that your great in the kitchen! So can I come live with you? Please?

petite gourmand said...

hey mimi,
it is a challenge finding child-friendly "good" restaurants.
but we usually try new stuff each week in different neighbourhoods in the city.
little India is great with kids.
Danforth has loads of restaurants.
Chinatown is always fast and easy.
we have a few places we go to uptown-pizza etc.
queen west, there is juice for life, terroni or even oysterboy (bring you own babyfood-kids aren't big on malpeques)
I must confess we don't really go to franchise restaurants, but mostly because there aren't any downtown t.o. well except I think near front st.
our car-dealership is in etobicoke, and there was a place we went to once called Montana's it reminded big daddy of home (out west) and lulu loved the crayon's and fun atmosphere. the food was...well...okay, but it's great for families. though I have to admit it was a little strange staring at a Moose head while trying to eat a burger....
bottom line-variety is the spice of life, and it's fun for us to always be on the hunt for new places to eat.
If you find anything good let me know.

Anonymous said...

No need to apologize for being enthusiastic about a skill and a passion! Making a lovely meal to share with friends who are celebrating should be a pleasure - and it was nice to share it vicariously.

jess said...

if you don't mind me asking, how do you hope to inspire your love of food and cooking in lulu?

we are total foodies and passionate about cooking and i would like to pass that on the the B more than almost anything else.