Sunday, April 16, 2006

chocolate matzoh

lucky lulu gets to celebrate both holidays.
easter & passover.
needless to say a very busy couple of days, but lots of fun.
thursday we had our first seder together (just the three of us) I love passover, and I'm the catholic one in the family.
we had gefilte fish, haroset, matzoh and all the fixin's.
it was the worlds shortest seder, as we had about a 30 min. window before lulu started getting impatient for her bath.
We were actually invited for a big seder with friends, but we were worried that lulu wouldn't make it past 7p.m.
and we were right.
But at least we made the effort.
I guess there's always next year.
Good friday we went to an annual mother daughter luncheon at a friend of my mother's.
Such a fun day and lulu loved all the attention.
It was so nice to have time with just the "girls".
Also nice to have traditions.
we had a lovely dinner at my parents, and then we jumped in the car for the drive back home.
Usually we stay over night, but we decided to just head home so that we could sleep in our own (comfortable) bed.
Saturday & Sunday we enjoyed being at home and running errands.
Funny how I have grown to enjoy getting groceries etc.
so domesticated.
big daddy cooked a nice ham, scalloped potatoes and minted mushy peas for dinner.
And he's the jewish one in the family. He claims that the Ham was Kosher though...
god I hope his mother never finds out about this blog.
Anyhow we both grew up celebrating easter/passover with different traditions, food and customs.
But it's so nice to celebrate something different than what you grew up with,
yet also very comforting celebrating something that you did.
So I'm glad that lulu gets to enjoy both holidays.
lucky girl.
so happy East-over...or is it Pas-ter??


Anonymous said...

Oy Vay!!!
my son eats ham?!!?

ninepounddictator said...

Hey, i jsut went on my first easter egg hunt this weekend...My Very first, as I was raised Jewish, and we don't get those kind of fun holidays! Love your cute....
Kosher ham, hey? Right.