Thursday, April 06, 2006


while shopping at Business Depot I decided to pick up one of those label makers.
I think I'm addicted.
I'm a label maker addict.
I love it.
I want to label everything in my house.
not sure why.
I mean when you look at a jar of penne and a jar of rotini you know the difference,
but I had to label them.
I think I'm spending FAR too much time in my kitchen.
Admittedly my kitchen is my little castle.
And it's much easier to cook in a hurry when you know where everything is and what's what,
but I think I've gone overboard.
I picked up these stackable magnetic spice containers and went hog wild!
But I love opening the cupboard and seeing all the rows of neat and tidy.
I used to open the cupboard and everything would fall out everywhere because it was all crammed in and miss matched,
old and stale. I mean I had about 4 bags of sesame seeds...those things are a bitch to clean up.
and god forbid lulu eating a hot pepper-flake that made it's way to the floor because a negligent mom had a messy spice cupboard....
what has happened to me?
I used to eat out 5 nights a week and didn't give a rat's ass haw tidy or messy my cupboards were...that's why they have doors, so no one can see what's inside!
hmmm, what else can I label??
I'm totally addicted.

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sunshine scribe said...

oooooh. I get this completely! I bought a label maker last year and went nuts. Then my son went nuts and we labeled EVERYTHING. I had to hide it from myself!!!!