Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sniff sniff

well I was right, lulu caught a cold. me too.
I think it's her third or fourth one so far, and lots ahead of us I'm sure.
It's hard to tell what's bugging her more, the stuffy nose or the damn teeth.
They really are taking their sweet time coming in.
I feel so bad for her, she's been so cranky and fussy all week.
I feel bad for me.
All this crankiness is causing a bit of upheaval around here,
big daddy being a real ass tonight.
I love that I can write that down, it makes me feel so much better.
extra bonus that I know he will be reading this. (you dumb ass)
the guy has never had to spend more than two hours alone with her,
never mind any alone time while she is sick and teething.
he has no clue. (double dumb ass)
enough venting.
I think that Cold-FX stuff is a crock.
I picked it up and I really don't think it works.
so I'm headed to bed. praying that I can get 5-7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

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