Tuesday, April 04, 2006

play that funky music

I brought lulu to her first "concert" yesterday, and she had a blast.
Actually so did I.
"Bobs and lolo" rocked.
there was about 50 moms +50 babies there or maybe more.
Lulu was in stimulation overdrive.
she was squealing like a little piglet. Bouncing up and down to the music and clapping her hands.
She was jonesing to get into the "mosh pit" with the wild and crazy 3 & 4 year olds and kept squirming to get away.
too funny.
There were lots of newborns and wee 3-4 month olds.
It felt strange to be one of the "older kids" lulu looked so much older than all the tiny babies,
even though she's still only around 17/18 lbs, she just seemed bigger by comparison.
Not that I miss those days...no siree... but it made me think about just how fast this year has gone.
this time last year I was watching the clock..due date april 14.
I really love the stage she is at currently, lots of snuggles and funny reactions to everything new and exciting.
she's still my tiny baby.
I'm thinking she's got the music bug though.
She really responds to instruments, her latest fixation is the xylophone...
she's actually getting pretty good,
but if I'm being honest (did that sound too simon cowelish?) her preference is to just put the sticks directly into her mouth.
ah well.
maybe we can become Bobs & Lolo groupies...
I wonder when they are playing here again?

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ninepounddictator said...

I can't believe how out of touch I am. Who are Bobs and Lolo (Is that like asking who Dora The Explorer is?)

I know who Kayla is....

Ok, now I feel really dumb....

She is adorable! Look at her little foot! Just a warning, do not get her a toy trumpet...we did, and regret it...