Monday, June 12, 2006

captain of the ship

when did lulu go from first mate to captain of the ship around here?
I suppose the second we brought her home from the hospital.
But it has become quite apparent during the past week or so.
chalk it up to a week of serious teething, so she gets the sympathy treatment, therefor is pretty much getting away with everything.
A week of sleeplessness can drive any parent to want to jump overboard and abandon ship.
I myself, felt like I was walking the plank all weekend.
Okay, I'll stop with the cheesy nautical terminology.
but we spent the day at the lake, trying to distract the captain and her frustratingly toothless half grin.
she went from a sweet and gentle baby to a whining, "pinching" toddler all within a five day span.
she is currently trying pull my pant leg and pinch me while I try to type this.
If I am not holding her every second of the day she will try everything to get her way.
"hmmm, there's a light socket, let's pull that plastic thing out of it and try to stick my fingers in it...."
or "I think I'll just bang my head against my highchair until mommy holds me while feeding me, but then I'll just refuse eat anyways"
I know she's just frustrated, and doesn't know how else to vent her frustration,
but jeez she really has knocked the wind out of my sails....


Cheryl said...

Yup -- it happens over night! As you know, it's important to enjoy every stage, including the pinching and curious stage.

Anonymous said...

sometimes the journey can be frustrating, but you and big daddy sound like a very together couple and I'm sure that one day you will both look back at these days and laugh.

sunshine scribe said...

Oh I feel your pain. I remember these days all to vividly. If she wasn't so darn cute I'd be totally taking your side ... but look at that sweet face ?!? :)