Tuesday, June 06, 2006

you're hired a la fromage

thank-god all the stupid shows are finally finished for the season.
I can not believe I got sucked into watching such crap on the telly.
but we had a new baby, we live in chilly Canada (winters are long) and we were a bit house bound.
so what else is there to do but tune into the idiot box?
thankfully we have Rogers On Demand so we can fast forward through all commercials, and lots of the boring stuff (which is mostly everything on some of the shows we watched...holy re-caps batman...Boring...yawn...)
so no more Apprentice, Survivor (I can't believe we actually watched it again for another season) amazing race (ta-tao), American Idol, oh and a bunch of other crap I'm sure we watched in a foggy daze.
there were however a few great shows which I can openly admit (without being mortified) that we enjoy.
Huff. so great, love it.
Sleeper Cell. some very hot boys on that show let me tell you, plus it's super suspenseful.
Prison break. umm could Wentwoth Miller be any yummier?
gotta still watch Sopranos, only because I can't wait to FINALLY see how they end the damn show. I do love Christopher though.
Carnival...cancelled...awe shucks...just when it was getting even creepier than it already was.
sadly Queer As Folk is no longer...sniff sniff..I miss watching Gale Harold and all the boyz.
and you gotta love the food network...well maybe not. Emeril has got to be one of the most annoying guys on T.V.
but The Iron Chef rocks (anyone catch the Susur episode?)
restaurant makeover...boy do I have a few places I would LOVE to recommend for that show.
Ramsey's kitchen nightmares. the most swearing on t.v. I've ever heard.and that includes the sopranos.
and maybe a bit of Jamie Oliver...even though I think I'm a bit over him, you really have to admire some of the great causes he's been involved with (ie.Jamies school dinners) and the guy's only just turned 30! a real bundle of energy.
I do respect that. plus he looks so much like my brother it's bizarre.
of course there's a bit of Tree-house on from time to time. Blue's clues, little bear, the wiggles, 4 square, the bearenstein bears, etc. etc.
But as mentioned in the previous post,
must read more books.
plus it's nice to be out in the summer.
Be more social, have bbq's, go up north.
because before ya know it it will be dark at 5 p.m and be cold and dreary out side,
and I'll most likely be parked in front of the boob tube for another season of bad reality crap.


sunshine scribe said...

ohh I am glad it is over too. I was sucked in more than I'll ever really admit.

But I do LOVE the Iron Chef and was so upset I missed the Susur episode!

Sheena said...

My life is not conducive to watching TV on a regular basis so I try not to get too attached to programs that require week to week attention spans.

I think that's why I usually just watch news. Or soaps... I love how you can skip a soap for 6 months and watch it on a sick day and still know exactly what's going on.