Wednesday, June 14, 2006

little princess

still no new teeth, but the week from hell seems to have subsided.
for now.
after a full nights sleep, I think we are all feeling a bit more human.
I really haven't felt that "fragile" since lulu was a newborn
at one point this week I was out walking her in the stroller and she was screaming, endlessly.
I would stop and pick her up, put her back in the stroller she would scream, I would stop and pick her up.....repeat...
eventually I just let her scream all the way home.
I'm a pretty tough cookie, but I honestly started welling up while walking down yonge st.
people were staring at this crying baby, and I felt like a complete failure.
then I started thinking, I can not imagine having another baby. EVER.
everything seemed to be going so smooth and relatively easy, then bam!
baby turns toddler.
two entirely different species.
but now things seemed to have improved.
I was getting snuggles and kisses all morning.
she ate her breakfast with no hassle!
I think nap time might even be manageable (fingers crossed)
It's like she can read my mind,
"okay I think I have pushed mommy to her breaking point,
and if I don't let up on her today then I am going to end up on a church door step somewhere...."
so thankfully my little princess has returned.
for now.


Kristin said...

Your daughter is so cute and I love her name!

Thank you very much for your comment on my blog... I have to learn to let that type of stuff roll off my back.

I am enjoying your blog very much... I am so glad you posted and led me back her to the adorable Lulu!

Mrs. Chicky said...

Was the moon full this past week? What's going on with these new toddlers?!

I'm glad to hear that Lulu is returning to her normal, royal self. She's adorable. And that outfit? Perfect! Do they have that in adult sizes?

jess said...

great imagery. amazing you are able to wax metaphorically through your tastes of toddlerhood

Tracy said...

such a cute outfit!! glad to hear the princess has returned...