Sunday, June 04, 2006


I finally finished the book I have been reading for months!
"prep" by Curtis sittenfeld.
despite that fact that it took me forever to read it I really enjoyed it.
It was light hearted, yet very thought provoking.
It's basically a coming-of-age story set in an elite prep school in Massachusetts.
It's told from the perspective of a teenaged girl (Lee Fiora) who is there on a scholarship.
her struggles with class differences, and status quo, and of course boys..
It takes you back to all the uncertainty, fear, insecurities and hopefulness that goes hand in hand with being in highschool.
As I was reading it, I remembered some of my own (often painful) experiences during those years.
But really, I started thinking that one day my daughter will have to go through all that awkward stuff.
I so wish I could shield her from the cattiness, or bad crushes, or just insecurities in general.
I know that's all part of growing up, but I really cringe when I picture her going through anything other than happiness.
but that's life.
I'm hoping that it won't take me so long to finish my next book.
I have a stack waiting for me.
It's just that by the time I read the paper, read blogs, check email and my flip through my numerous magazine subscriptions,
watch too much mind numbing t.v and put the wee one to bed,
I usually read whatever book I have beside the bed for about ten minutes and then I can't keep my eyes open.
This is why it takes me forever to read an actual book.
I go on these total book binges every few months and load up all at once, so I have a nice pile waiting to be read.
so this is my half year resolution:
read more books.
There's nothing like the smell of a new book.
but the best part is the sense of satisfaction you get when you read the last page.
at least for me.


Sheena said...

"There's nothing like the smell of a new book."

That's funny.. because that's exactly what I say about OLD books..

Gabriella said...

books are the best thing! Your last post was great, expressed everything people should try to say about their lives but are too busy complaining instead! Me included! Thanks for reminding me that even though things may be tough there are people and things in life that make it worthwhile.

scarbie doll said...

OK, I loved this book too. Do you want to read her newest book? I'll lend you my copy -- it's really good. She does such an amazing job of making you feel for slightly unlikeable characters.