Wednesday, June 07, 2006

over shoulder.....

ever been fitted for a bra?
not me.
well that is until last week.
I finally found a sales associate to help me.
I have a number of different sizes at home., during babys first few months, baby switches to bottle, and post b.feeding (a.k.a. the two empty socks stage)
okay, it's not really that bad, but things change.
and a girls gotta adapt.
so back to the fitting.
I had to be totally topless in front of this girl, she measured me here and there, left and came back with an assortment of bras.
when I looked at the tags and the sizes I was kind of shocked.
I really have been wearing the wrong size.
who knew?
she also demonstrated the correct way to put on a bra.
I didn't know there was an incorrect way.
You are supposed to lean over and...drop the girls to speak.
the entire experience was a tad mortifying, to say the least.
I did end up buying a few, only because I felt slightly obligated.
I mean this girl saw my girls!
I've been wearing them ever since.
that is until I get home at the end of the day and change into my gap tank-top....much more comfortable.
I wish it was the seventies.
burn 'em I say!


Waya said...

I'm lol at this post b/c I've never been fitted for a bra before, and I should! The part about your "different sizes at home...", that's me.

The only bra that I've been wearing is the racerback, it doesn't slip off your shoulders. Men don't know how lucky they are!

sunshine scribe said...

I have never been fitted for a bra before and after reading this I have to say I am not rushing out to do it now. That was such a funny story :)

Sheena said...

A friend of mine had a fitting a couple of months back and had a very similar experience. Had been wearing the same size for years despite the changes that inevitably come over time and she was quite stunned at how far off she was.

She's much happier now. I'm tempted to do it...

scarbie doll said...

Oh yeah girl! Did you go to Sophia's on the Danforth? It's an experience ain't it? When they actually stick their hands inside your bra to jiggle the girls into place -- well that just about made me faint.