Friday, June 30, 2006

things I love about summer

is there anything nicer than the sound of the swaying leaves of a majestic 100 year old willow tree?
even better is lying on a blanket under that willow tree, staring up at it's beauty.
even better than that, is lying beside your two favourite people and experiencing it together,
as though you had all the time in the world...
So lying under a willow tree on a warm June day with my little family is # 1 on my list of my absolute favourite things to do on a summer day...
what's yours?


Gabriella said...

Eating watermelon, reading a good book, spending time with Samantha outdoors are some of my fav things

Her Bad Mother said...

Yep, willow tree is pretty good. So is splashing around in water.

(I have a much better appreciation for those gorgeous little eyes now I've seen them in person!)

sunshine scribe said...

I am in LOVE with willow trees. We had one as a child and it houses some of my fondest memories.

SO good to meet you Friday (and lulu - too cute for words)!