Sunday, July 02, 2006

summer showers

you've gotta love a good summer thunder storm.
there's something really exciting yet humbling about the crack of lightning and the pounding of thunder.
summer weather can be so sporadic.
one minute it's beautiful and sunny, the next, the cotton candy clouds come rolling in and you've got a torrential rainstorm. Thursday we had a dandy.
power outage and all.
little lulu woke up from her nap from a huge clap of thunder. she didn't cry, but she could tell that something was up.
probably she sensed that mommy was a bit freaked out.
As much as I love watching the rain come pouring down and the white streaks of lightening light up the darkened sky,
I do get kind of nervous.
You feel so vulnerable.
mother nature is nothing to mess with.
last year around the same time several huge trees in the neighbourhood came down in a big storm.
I remember being at home with a new-born and feeling totally vulnerable, especially when the neighbour's beautiful old tree was snapped in half like a twig.
so lulu and I snuggled together and rode out the storm.
It was so comforting to feel her snuggled close to me.
who was comforting who??
then the storm clouds lifted, the rain stopped just as quickly as it had appeared and we looked for a rainbow.
sadly we didn't find one.
but that's okay, I'm sure we'll spot one in another summer storm.

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