Saturday, July 29, 2006

R & R

we had a really nice "get away" this week.
Just big D and I.
Lulu stayed with my parents.
we dropped her off, then went directly to the O spa.
I have to admit I don't have much patience when it comes to spas.
I usually just want to get in and get out, maybe because I find it a bit weird walking around in a robe in front of complete strangers....who knows?
But as luck would have it, this spa is relatively new and not super busy yet. whew.
so it was just big D and I.
I had an 85 min massage called the aromasoul Mediterranean.
"it's a reflection of the energetic spirit and warmth of the Mediterranean cultures, enhanced with the essence of the ocean...fluid and relaxing strokes that dance like waves over the body and provide a feeling of renewal and peace..."
Not sure that I would have described it quite like that...however it was pretty freakin' awesome.
Though, I have to admit, lulu's sweet face kept popping into my mind while Irma was working her magic on my shoulders and back.. ah well.
afterwards big D and I chilled out in the worlds most comfortable sofa sipping the most fantastic tea...(beautiful silk tea bags)
we checked into our hotel, then went for a phenomenal dinner at Peller estate.
sadly, we couldn't sit outside over looking the vineyard as it was threatening to rain (it didn't after-all)
but we had such a good dinner despite the indoor table.
we started out with an amuse bouche- raw oyster w/ creme fresh
I had a chilled garden pea & mint soup w/ seared foie gras, poached quail egg and smoked tomato tartare.
then we had a Riesling frost palate refresher
I then had a seared sea scallop entree w/aged cheddar scone, duck prosciutto & foie gras hollandaise...that was so fantastic.
it looked like mini eggs benedict, gorgeous presentation.
dessert was some chocolate fabulousness...
Valrhon chocolate souffle w/ gewurtztraminer (say that ten times fast) creme anglaise and cherry coulis....
my mouth was a very happy place.
I'm not normally a big white wine lover, but Peller has some delicious whites.
especially the private reserve 2004 pinot grigio or the dry Riesling 2003...yum.
we bought several bottles to take home.
the next day we woke up early..6 a.m what can I say? Lulu has got us completely trained.
we had a nice breakfast and cycled along the Parkway (in Niagara) oohing and ahhing over all the beautiful homes overlooking the Niagara river or backing on to the orchards or vineyards.
I really love cycling, such a great way to see things and bonus that we worked off the decadent dessert from the night before.
we had a leisurely lunch accompanied by more wine...
then we went to see Arms and The Man at the Shaw theatre.
A Very funny love story...which was especially good because of Mike Shara who played Major Sergius Saranoff
He really was hilarious.
the entire time I kept thinking I know him from somewhere.....
then in act two it came to me....Queer as Folk..."Rage" this made things even funnier.
Originally I really wanted to see The Crucible by Arthur Miller but it wasn't playing on that day,
but I really enjoyed Arms and the Man..very light hearted and fun.
After the show we drove around to some more wineries and then went for another fab. dinner at Hillebrand.
yay! we got to sit outside over looking the vineyard.
the food was really good,
the standout dish for me was my first course which was a rabbit terrine with green apple reisling wine jelly, sweet and sour cherries w/ muesli
followed by an heirloom tomato, baby yellow beet salad w/ organic watercress & baco noir balsamic syrup.
(wasn't crazy about the syrup)
For my entree I had the atlantic Halibut w/ parmesan & chive gnocchi on chardonnay steamed clam broth.
Unfortunately we had a really horrible waitress which kind of spoiled the otherwise perfect dining experience.
oh well. All in all, another fantastic meal.
the next morning we jumped out of bed, inhaled breakfast and bee-lined it over to my parents.
we were in serious withdrawal.
we needed a lulu fix. bad.
It's just not the same without her.
Sure couples need "alone" time, but we have so much more fun when she's with us.
We had a really nice grown up time together but truth be told we couldn't wait to see our little sweet-pea.
She gave me a huge hug when we saw her and was thrilled to see us,
But I could tell she had a blast.
She calls my mom "bah-bah" her 15 month old version of grandma.
it could melt your heart.
she's been saying it ever since we got home, she has such a special bond with my mom.
Nothing could make me happier.
Including being pampered at a spa, fine dining, live theatre, staying in a beautiful hotel suite, cycling along the most beautiful wineries...
Okay that was all pretty kick-ass...
but I am so glad to be back home with my little lulu.
okay....and all the new bottles of wine.....


metro mama said...

Sounds fantastic. We had lunch at Hillebrand when we were there and it was soooo good.

Sheena said...

That does sound great. I've got a few bottles of the Andrew Peller Signature Cab Franc tucked away. I remember liking their bubbly too. I bought my wine decanter at their gift shop. Never eaten there, but it sounds lovely. Nicest winery meal I ever had was at Domaine Chandon in Napa.

But metro mama, Hillebrand is one of my faves in Niagara too..