Saturday, July 08, 2006

swedish teethballs

okay so how annoying is it, when you write a nice long blog and you hit delete by accident right as you are about to finish it?
this is what I just did.
so now I will begin again.
we are all in a sort of teething hell.
this child has gums of steel.
almost 15 months and still only two bottom teeth.
the top two are breaking through along with who knows how many others, I think they are all coming at the same time.
this must be pure agony. (for us sleep for weeks/months)
Lulu is beside herself with frustration.
No amount of camellia, tempera, Tylenol, baby motrin, frozen washcloths, fruit popsicles, oragel, cuddling, rocking or just good ol' T.L.C. is doing the trick.
Time, unfortunately is probably the only remedy.
Her first tough life lesson.
I'm trying to keep her pretty busy and distracted during the days.
Today we had to go north of the city to check out a custom shed company.
On the way home we took the 407. such a nice fast way across the top of the city.
If I was a commuter (and thank-god I'm not) I would definitely be taking that kickass highway.
en-route we spied an Ikea. somewhere around Jane st. I think.
It wasn't too busy, surprising for a Saturday.
I wanted to pick up a large seagrass mat for the back porch, but they had none left.
(poor lulu keeps getting splinters from the old deck.)
we ended up getting her some storage stuff and some cute wooden toys instead. can't leave there empty handed.
Ikea is so innovative when it comes to kids stuff, and SO cheap!
it was almost 3p.m. and we were starved, so we hesitantly decided to eat at Ikea.
(I should of brought a power bar.)
big daddy had steamed veggies with grilled chicken breast and I had their shrimp, dill and egg on rye.
we figured those were pretty safe choices.
I should have just had the $1 hotdog.
not exactly a gourmet experience.
But the upside, is that Lulu loved all the "play stations" and enjoyed seeing all the kids running around.
We could have been at disneyworld for all she knew.
she was in swedish heaven.
so for a few short hours, she forgot about her swollen gums.
I halsningar (love) Ikea.
well maybe not the food...


metro mama said...

I always get the meatballs.

sunshine scribe said...

My son used to be ADDICTED to Ikea. Seriously we'd go every week just to hang out. As a result he has tons of stuff from there (but cheap so I don't feel so guilty).

And the food ... fries are the best I could manage.

Pendullum said...

I have friends that live for the Iea breakfast... To each their own...
Glad that wee Lulu was distracted from her swollen gums...
It's tough I tell ya...
Poor gal pal...
Love the shots from the previous post of Little Italy...

scarbie doll said...

I'm all over the meatballs. The Ikea at Leslie and Sheppard has theme nights -- Thursday is cheap sushi and it's pretty good. And the kids can play while you eat. How amazing is that?

Nate is now 18 months and has all his teeth except one on the bottom up front -- it looks so bizarre. It's right where he usually sticks his thumb in. I wonder if it's related.