Sunday, July 02, 2006

vodka guacamole

all I can say is vodka, a freshly sharpened global knife and avocados are not a good combination.
The crazy thing is that I just finished reading John Downs article in the globe and mail.
damn. and we are out of Band-Aids (cursed new summer sandals)
so this is my very bad wrap job, good thing I never went to med school..
it hurts like hell but I don't think a trip to emergency is necessary.
Still managed to enjoy a great dinner with friends,
though once the cocktails wore off the pain became quite a bit more obvious.
ouch.typing with one hand sucks.
big daddy doing all the dishes and cleaning up after the BBQ is a bonus.


Gabriella said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend though! Lucky you meeting all the other women, maybe next time I'll be able to go.

Sheena said...

Oh never mind all that... What did you cook? What kind of cocktails did you make?

petite gourmand said...

since you asked...
cold corona.
well didn't actually cook the beer, just chilled, opened and rammed a lime into it.
but I did make a blended watermelon, mint, lime vodka concoction.
very addictive. also very dangerous.
we munched on some blue corn baked tortilla chips and home-made guacamole, and THE best salsa-
Fontera rustic Guaillo salsa.
also as a little salty accompaniment..
some mais rotis-a.k.a. roasted corn nuts.
pevides torradas-spicy roasted pumpkin seeds
and fava torrada-roasted fava beans.
didn't exactly soak up the booze, but went hand in hand quite nicely.
dinner was simply some kick ass (if i do say so myself)
home-made chipotle turkey burgers with monterey jack cheese, fresh tomato, boston lettuce and avocado....this is when it turned ugly...damn vodka.
grilled peaches and cream corn on the cob with fresh lime and chilli powder.
it's tricky eating a mammoth burger (and corn on the cob) with one hand let me tell you.
chilled lemon cheese cake squares for dessert.
If I remember correctly....
nothing exotic but a great way to spend a Sunday night with friends.
minus the spewing blood from my hand.

Sheena said...

Yum... That's my all time favourite way to do corn on the cob...

The lime juice must have hurt like a sonofabitch in the cut, though...

sunshine scribe said...

Ouch that looks awful! But the meal sounds divine .. as usual :)

metro mama said...

ouch! Dinner sounds fab though.

Kristin said...

ohhh... my hand is throbbing from here!

jess said...

ooof. bummer. those globals are sharp. sounds like you made the best of it though. and good job documenting it!