Monday, July 17, 2006

on the mend

all was not lost last week.
although the last two posts may have sounded a bit dramatic,
I tend to be a bit of a drama queen.
Everything turned out fine just in time for the weekend.
Uncle p-diddy was visiting from L.A. for the weekend and he was the voice of reason for us parental novices.
(he has two daughters) so he reassured us about kids and getting sick.
It's all part of the joys of parenthood.
We had a pretty busy weekend,
A big house warming for some friends.
attending a first b-day party of lulu's girlfriend across the street.
driving north of the city for a wedding that same evening.
lulu was in prime form, trying to dance with two other little girls that were there.
Too cute, (would love to post the pics, but I don't like doing that without parent permission)
you'll have to take my word for it.
the following day we went to a friends cottage then spent the day on his boat...
gotta get me one of those...
Lulu was even cuter with her sea (lake) legs...wind in her hair.....
forgot to bring my camera...gasp...but it was adorable, especially seeing her all bright eyed and happy again.
what a trooper.
so all in all a pretty eventful week.
Glad to have my little girl back in fine form.
well...minus the pinching and refusing to eat part...other than that all is hunky dory.


scarbie doll said...

Glad Lulu is feeling better. The pic looks heavenly. Are you free for a playdate next week?

sunshine scribe said...

Glad she is feeling better!