Sunday, July 16, 2006

life is like a box of crayons

it's hard to believe only one week has gone by.
it has been the longest week of my life.
lulu still has no new teeth, and along with the teething, we have been through her first high fever,
which lasted four VERY long days and nights.
but more on that later.
picking up where I left off, at (Ikea)
slowly but surely the house is getting filled with "stuff" for lulu.
we have really tried to keep things to a minimum and not turn the place into lulu's own personal Gymboree.
Not that I wouldn't love to have the space to provide her with a huge playroom,
but we simply don't have a big house.
It's her home too, I know, but I'm trying to make things work for all of us.
so the mini table and chairs from Ikea were a hit.
big daddy painted them the same colour as the trim and the rest of the house-ben.moore HC cloud white.
so it blends in quite nicely and hey with the extra paint we can do some touch-ups.
But I'm so glad that crayola invented "washable" crayons.
although we provided a huge roll of paper for lulu to colour on she finds the walls so much more appealing.
but hey, not her fault that mommy painted her table the same colour as all the walls.
I did want it to "blend" I can't complain when she wants to add a little "splash" of colour around here,
can I?
oh and big daddy got really got into things with a self-portrait.
though I must say he's a bit cuter in person.


Sheena said...

Wow, PG, I didn't realize you were married to Hank Hill.

sunshine scribe said...

We bought the same table and painted it to match our place too. Now he has it in his room and it has been repainted red after all the stains would no longer come out :)

Pendullum said...

Ohh those were the days a big hun of paper with all of us drawing together...
I gave me a bit of a warning as I know you are just a stone's thow away fromt this...
Crayola's washable paints...
Now, as your wee lass will do... is paint herself...
my daughter loved to do this...
However it is a LIE that Green is washable... so if you want to have Oscar the Grouch, with sour gums. for a few weeks paint away... but if not... put the green away... all other colours are cool though...

Gabriella said...

I am with you on the teething thing, Samantha too only has two teeth! hang in there!

Anonymous said...

See?? You CAN make things work for all of you. It's honestly not all that bad and it's not forever. It's alot more fun when the kids are happy and busy than it is to keep things looking right.

Anonymous said...

i think hank is gorgeous!!!