Friday, July 07, 2006

little italy

here's a few more snaps from the other night.
hard to believe only a couple of years ago I was on college practically every night.
before lulu that is.
The gym I worked out at was on college and Euclid (level 5 fitness)
I would be doing my spin class watching friends sitting at Kalander having cocktails from my bike seat.
I'd usually end up joining them, even though I would proclaim that I could only stay for ONE drink.
this almost never happened, I would end up cycling home in my sweaty spandex in a half cooked state.
so much for a nice healthy workout....
I worked at a studio in the same building so I would often be there during the days as well.
(minus the sweaty spandex.)
I lived just south of the 'hood.
In some ways it's really changed over the years,
restaurants come and go.
Though all my favourites are still hanging in there. (I still miss Ellipsis brunch)
the always boisterous Bar Itallia. the acoustics in that place are so loud.
great if you want to have a juicy conversation that you don't want anyone else to hear.
Kalander, THE best date place, or just a great place to hang out with friends.
Xaccutti a bit of a new comer, but is consistently good. check out Bird upstairs.
The Dip & John's Italian pizza. Always excellent for a late night nosh.
Tempo sushi is no longer-not that it would make it on my top 5 list, but they did make a killer lychee martini. yum.
for something a little more romantic I always enjoyed Gamelle (great patio in the back, and really great french bistro food)
or Bruyyea (sp) brothers west end of college. nice interior, cute waiters and pretty decent food.
something tells me they are moving to leslieville though (I thought I saw a sign some where, but I could be wrong, don't quote me)
big daddy loves motoretta, and keeps talking about getting a vespa. I'm all for it except for those damn street car tracks,
wouldn't make for a smooth ride, and I think secretly he fears helmet head.
the man is hardcore when it comes to his hair.
so I guess you could say I kind of miss the old neighbourhood.
But I don't think I would say that if I still lived down there during the world cup.
yeah, come to think of it, I really like my quiet new home.
But we always know where to go on our next date.


Gabriella said...

Your description of college sounds great, we haven't been there since S was born, we used to spend lots of summers there before. Thanks for reminding me of what good times were had there.

sunshine scribe said...

I loooooove College. And w had some of our best dates at Kalendar. Maybe we'll head there for our next one ... after the noisy world cup

Sheena said...

Thanks for the tips. I'm still very much in explore mode in Toronto and will check some of these places out...

Best lychee martini I ever had though was at Eighteen in the market in Ottawa. So good one night a girlfriend and I ordered a separate side dish of the whole lychees they served as the garnish. Afterwards we couldn't help but smell our fingers and decide that lychees smell just like sex.