Monday, July 17, 2006

little fish

everything was going swimmingly..
we were enjoying cooling off in the pool and splashing around.
My parents were in heaven.
me too.
I caught up on some reading, I managed to relax for the first time in what seems like a long while.
I even got a bit of sun on my pasty white legs, thankfully in the privacy in their backyard.
It's nice to ease your way into bathing suit season (though it's already July!)
I've been a bit hesitant...and surprise surprise, no pictures of me in my bathing suit on this blog.....ever.
Lulu was really having so much fun.
Then she started getting fussy. really fussy.
Hmm something was up, this wasn't just the usual teething irritability.
my mom noticed she had a bit of a fever.
I thought maybe it was just a bit of heat stroke or over-stimulation.
but it got worse.
She didn't sleep at all through the nights so I drove back home with her screaming most of the way...
poor little thing.
we immediately went to the doctor.
no ear infection or anything else to worry about.
but the fever persisted...for four days and nights....we called tele-health and gave them her temperature info.
It was around 39-40 C which I guess is they said we needed to go to the hospital immediately.
It was 2 a.m. on a Friday night, she finally fell asleep even though she was burning up we were hesitant to drag her there.
I can't ever remember being so scared.
what should we do?
we figured we would end up sitting in emergency for hours and then who knows?
kids get fevers all the time...maybe we were overreacting.
we decided to wait until the morning, but all night we sat up watching her closely using cool cloths on her forehead and holding her close.
This was the first time other than her shots that we have ever had to go to the doctor.
I know, I know, the first of many trips....
But when it's your first brush with a fever it's so scary.
She's had several colds but no fevers yet.
so after 5 days the fever finally broke. whew...I'm so relieved...
Still not sure what caused it,
but she's better now and that's all that matters.
In addition to being super grateful I was totally exhausted.
so much for feeling revived and rested after a mini break at my parents.
oh well.
At least lulu is happy and healthy, that's all that really matters.


Gabriella said...

Glad to read Lulu is better. It's so tough when our kids aren't feeling well!

Cheryl said...

Fevers are scary and there is nothing wrong with a little overreacting!

scarbie doll said...

The first fever is scary. Waiting in emerg is annoying. So you learn to just brush stuff off and go with your instinct. In your heart you know when something is REALLY wrong. Because no one wants to sit in emerg for hours just to be told that their kid is fine.

Crabby Kate recommended a service called MedVisit. Google them -- they come right to your house up to 11 pm I think. It's an alternative, that's for sure.