Thursday, July 06, 2006

cracked the code

yippee! finally after about two years we finally went to a movie.
I used to go all the time (pre-baby)
but now when we finally get my parents to baby-sit,
we usually want to go for dinner & drinks.
why go to a movie when you can rent a dvd instead?
but we decided to check out a matinee the other day, and I'm so glad we did.
It felt like a real date.
holding hands, sharing popcorn, whispering in each other's ear.
like old times.
we almost had the entire theatre to ourselves...or so I thought.
top left corner was another couple (whom I didn't see) and I'm acting like a giddy school girl,
"cool we have the whole place to ourselves!" I announce.
then I hear the giggling and big daddy giving me the icks-neh symbol.
oops. uh, hi...I thought we were the only ones here.
but it was pretty funny I have to admit.
so which movie did we go and see after such a long abstinence?
well it was either The devil Wears Prada or DaVinci Code.
we chose the latter.
Glad we did.
I wasn't expecting much, but we were pleasantly surprised.
it was actually a pretty good depiction of the book.
Tom Hanks wasn't too bad as Robert Langdon after all, aside from his bad hair that is.
we managed to also shop for books at a leisurely pace at indigo.
haven't done that in a while.
we went for cocktails on college at teatro sitting on the patio watching all the Italian flags go honking by.
kind of romantic.
we had dinner and walked around stopping at the magazine shop and soundscapes loading up on all our favourites.
we felt so free and relaxed (at long last)
and just knowing that lulu was in good hands made it all the more therapeutic.
all in all we had such a fun day, just the two of us...
I just hope we don't have to wait 3 months for a night out again,
or worse 2 years before we go to another movie...
the film festival is only a few months away after-all...

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metro mama said...

Cocktails on College....sounds lovely.

Grandma's coming next week, maybe BP and I can do the same.