Sunday, July 02, 2006

happy canada day

speaking of feeling vulnerable (see previous post) I decided to go to the blogger get together on Friday at the park.
the day went something like this:
I arrive at the park with lulu at around 3ish.
I entertain lulu on the swing while peering out behind dark sunglasses searching for other blogger moms.
what exactly does a blogger mom look like anyhow?
oh, there's a woman who is looking around, kind of like me, no maybe she's just bored.
did she just smile at me?
should I approach?
"ummm....hi there...are you a blogger?"
I go running from the park completely mortified.
okay, that's not what actually happened, but it could have!
so I keep checking out the crowd looking for the blogger moms, all the while feeling really silly and coming really close to just bailing on the whole idea.
But lulu insisted on going into the newly opened wading pool fully clothed.
mommy didn't think to bring a swim suit...duh.
So there I am ankle deep in the kiddie pool trying to look cool, calm and collected, making sure that my child doesn't ingest too much public wading pool water and that I too don't get completely soaked (I really wasn't dressed in my kiddie wading pool gear-whatever that is)
still trying to find the blogger moms, but feeling more and more like a jack-ass.
But lulu was loving every minute of things, we will definitely have to go back to that park again.
so eventually I'm thinking I might as well throw in the towel (that is if I had actually thought to bring one...duh)
and just as we were about to leave I see a sign on the rec. centre's door
fortunately I had thought to bring an extra change of clothes for lulu. At least I did something right.
we booked it over to the store, just in time to meet up with the blogger moms.
whew. glad I made it. dishevelled, sweaty and nervous as hell, but very glad that i did.
I'm glad I got to put a face to some of my favourite bloggers, I only wish I had more time to stay and chat a little longer.
maybe next time.
A really nice group of women, whose blogs I really love to read and am also inspired by
(some really fantastic and very funny writers out there)
so all in all it was totally worth feeling like a loser all afternoon.
Saturday we spent the day cycling along the belt line and hanging out in a park we found off of one of the trails.
I'm starting to feel like a bit of a kiddie park whore, looking for the most kick-ass slides or coolest water feature.
but there are really some great and not so great parks out there.
but variety is the spice of life right?
We finally found a bike helmet to fit lulu. yay!
I only wish we had gone to cycle path in the first place and not Canadian tire.
the first helmet we had would fall down into the front of her face like darth vador, poor little thing.
she would just sit there quietly waiting for us to pull over so we could fix it for her.
but her new one is perfect, she really loves it, in fact she likes wearing it around the house.
bonus that it's not plastered with barbie or Disney crap all over it.
she looks so adorable in it.
It's so much fun to be doing all the stuff we loved to do before lulu came into our lives.
biking around the city is definitely one of them.
It's even more fun with her with us.
happy Canada day and 4th of July too.


sunshine scribe said...

Happy Canada day to you too. Glad you finally found us :)

scarbie doll said...

OK -- we have to hook up. That was way too short and your outfit was way too cool for us not to be friends. Haha - kidding -- but only just sort of.