Monday, July 24, 2006

little angel

lulu definitely got up on the right side of the crib this morning.
She has been quite the little charmer since the crack of dawn.
lots of kisses and hugs for both big daddy and me, snuggles galore, constant giggling,
a huge grin from ear to ear, to show off her new two top teeth. Way too cute.
she ate all her breakfast and lunch with absolutely no hassle.
No distractions necessary and no food everywhere.
She has been playing quietly by herself all day.
she even went down for her nap instantly.
No whining or insisting I pick her up every five minutes.
No pinching, no back arching, no grabbing my leg and not letting go.
No crying, no mini tantrums.
(This has been the "unfortunate" behaviour for the past several weeks)
I was hoping it was just the teething and not some new pattern of behaviour.
My prayers have been answered...alleluia!
My sweet child has been returned and the devil has left her tiny body..
Along with this small miracle, she has decided that today is the day she is ready to walk.
Sure, she has been taking the odd step here and there for the past month or so,
but as of today she can't seem to stop walking.
She keeps going from room to room, completely delighted with herself and her newly acquired skill.
All this is bitter sweet.
Tomorrow for the first time since she came into our lives,
big daddy and I have hotel reservations for a few much needed child free days away.
We are really looking forward to having some "alone" time.
We have a bunch of things planned for the next few days while my parents
a.k.a. the world's most enthusiastic grandparents
look after lulu. gulp...overnight...for three nights...gulp..
I don't actually feel guilty..but should I?
I have read other blogs where moms feel really guilty for leaving their nest and letting someone else mind her chick(s).
But I don't.
I think lulu is going to have a blast.
she's in good hands and bonus, they have a pool..whoopee!
they will be gushing all over her non-stop.
I doubt she'll even miss us. (though I secretly hope she does)
we'll all be much happier by the end of the week.
I just can't believe she is laying on the charm so much today...
I could melt when I look at her.
She is just the most delicious thing.
and now she is a walking delicious thing....
But I am glad that TODAY was the day she decided to walk and not that would have really been bitter sweet.


Cheryl said...

There is something to be said for good timing. Enjoy your much needed mini-vacation!

Gabriella said...

Enjoy that vacation! It will be well worth it.

metro mama said...

Enjoy your time off.

Can't wait for all the deets!