Monday, June 26, 2006


I really like Mondays.
I used to hate them. (especially when I worked for the employer from hell years ago...but that's another story)
but now that I am home with lulu, I have grown to enjoy the beginning of the week.
The weekends are fun filled and packed full of new and exciting stuff,
especially because big daddy is home.
lulu loves having her pops all to herself and mommy loves the extra set of hands.
we try to go out for dinner every Friday and usually lunch/brunch on Saturday or Sunday (this weekend both)
we tend to have friends over or go out exploring different neighbourhoods.
I try to whip up some sort of culinary magic on the weekends as well.
I usually hit the gym once and sometimes twice.
we walk everywhere and there is rarely a dull moment.
the weekends are usually fun.
But they can also be pretty exhausting.
that's why I like Mondays.
It's just me and lulu and our little routine.
I'm calling them mellow Mondays.
I don't plan any social stuff.
we just relax at home.
well kind of relax...
that is if you consider finishing 5 loads of laundry, gardening, groceries, changing the bed/crib, washing the floors, dusting and windexing, and cleaning the kitchen top to bottom relaxing...
but oddly enough I am relaxed.
everything is caught up, and we have a new fresh week ahead of us.
I like that.
I like Mondays.
what ever happened to the boomtown rats anyhow?

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