Wednesday, November 29, 2006

balancing act

Before Lulu, big daddy and I used to eat out a lot.
In fact probably a little too often.
But now a days it's down to a couple of times a week, usually at our usual stand bys.
Toronto has so many great places to eat, and we are always on the hunt for something new.
The key is finding somewhere that is child friendly- and by friendly,
I mean they don't give you the evil eye when you ask if they have highchairs or a booth you can sit in.
But is also a place where you would want to go even if you didn't have a toddler dining with you.
On Sunday we went to Flo's in Yorkville which we have been going to for years, but now that we have lulu, have a whole new appreciation for.
Great service, crayons and toys, an extensive children's menu, booths (lulu's personal favourite place to sit)
and a balloon when you get the check. Awesome.
The food is typical of diner food, but we left feeling satisfied and bonus that we got to polish off Lulu's kid sized pancakes.
So much for my egg white omelette & dry rye toast order...
Anyhow, I was working yesterday and had Lulu with me, it was getting too late to pick up groceries so we figured we would grab something quick somewhere.
We ended up at Kubo Radio.
The owner came over to the table and asked how old Lulu was and offered her a complimentary cupcake for dessert.
They had highchairs, sides of steam greens and brown rice-which lulu LOVED.
They even heated up her baby food without as much as a raised eyebrow.
Big daddy and I were lovin our pork and leek dumplings.
The watercress and cucumber salad.
Big daddy had the duck burger (thanks for the recommendation metro mama)
I had the rice noodles with tofu.
everything was really tasty, and again, we had fun.
The service was Excellent and bonus was the nice dim lighting (which I love) and the really good music.
No wonder Cortney Cox and David Arquette took Coco there to eat so many times.
It is possible to find a balance when dining out with a toddler.
Because of our love for food and restaurants, we want to expose Lulu to as many different dining experiences as possible.
Something for her and something for us.
It also made us feel pretty great when the couple sitting beside us commented on how well behaved Lulu was, and that they had two small kids at home who would not have been nearly as "contained and mellow".
I'd like to think that by taking her out all the time we are helping to encourage this type of behaviour.
Fingers crossed that she continues to make us proud when we are eating out on the town.

I had to include this particular photo of lulu, because of her method of chewing her food.
The poor little thing still only has her two bottom teeth and four on top.
Though two upper molars have finally popped through.
It totally cracks us up watching her chew like a little rabbit.
At this rate she might have all her teeth by kindergaten.


metro mama said...

I love Kubo, they're so friendly.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh how I miss ENJOYING dining out with our kids. It's not that we don't dine out anymore we still do, it's that I don't really enjoy it anymore. With one we dined out alot and it was always great, our oldest child was excellent in restaurants. Then once our second child was born everything changed. There is less time to devote direct attention on each child which I think helps to keep them from getting bored at the table. We will continue to try, at least our kids have an appreciation for good food-they won't eat fast or processed food.

Lisa b said...

I have to try this place. It sounds great.

indigo herself said...

went here with my bookclub and had a blast, LOVED the dumplings and babycakes.
They have a cool site too.

crazymumma said...

you are so urban and cool. sigh. we go to swiss chalet. sigh. I will live thru you obviously....