Friday, November 24, 2006

gotta get me a crock pot

in the days before lulu, my lunch was often eaten in my car on the go.
Something fast and easy.
Many times it consisted of a Grande latte and and a nature bar at 3 p.m.
On other days I would get to enjoy the odd catered lunch on set, but not so often.
Since Lulu, I usually whip up a quick turkey wrap or heat up some "imagine" soup with a bit of pita and hummus.
On occasion I have been known to finish off Lulu's little bits of finger foods like avocado, ham or mac & cheese.
I draw the line at the jarred baby food, though I have to admit to a baby custard addiction from way back.
I have even resorted to frozen lean cuisine-ish type concoctions.
oh so glamorous.
But yesterday I had lunch with my good friend L and little s.
Everything was delicious.
Such a treat to have
A. lunch with a grown up.
B. an actual meal. tea and cookies and all...mmm...Clafouti rocks..
and although I was jumping up every 2 minutes to make sure Lulu wasn't trashing the place,
it was the most enjoyable lunch I've had in ages.
So thank-you L.
such a fun day.
bonus was shopping in the old 'hood.
I'm just glad there isn't a Polka Dot Kid on my block..
danger. danger.

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myredwagon said...

Polka dot kid is a charming little shop. I was just there this week and bought a bunch of little treasures. So fun and yes quite dangerous.