Sunday, November 05, 2006

McRoad Trip

Unfortunately I am not writing this while sipping a glass of Vernaccia di San Gimignano in Castello di Velona in Montepulchiano Italy.
That is where we were booked to stay from November 2nd until the 17th.
Big daddy had a bunch of work cancellations during the month of October, which had we known, would have been a better time to go, but he is now booked for work for most of November.
And when you work for yourself and are freelance you have to take work when you can.
The problem is just knowing when exactly to book the time off.
So we decided to cancel the trip for now.
Italy will have to wait.
As much as I was looking forward to going (especially during the peak of truffle season)
I was a bit apprehensive about taking Lulu with us.
My parents offered to look after her so the two of us could go alone.
Not an option really.
I can handle the odd night away from the love of our lives but not 10 + days.
no. can. do.
Long flight & jet lag combined with a teething 18 month old seemed daunting to say the least.
Cobblestone steep hills and a stroller didn't sound like too much fun either.
Not really being able to go out for leisurely dinners felt like a bit of a waste.
I mean why go all the way to Tuscany and feel the need to just quickly find a casual place to scarf some pasta down before Lulu decides she has had enough and we have to leave before 7 p.m.?
Big Daddy felt that going to Italy with Lulu had too much of a PITA factor- Pain. In.The. Ass.
Not to mention that it would have cost a bundle, and we did just get a new fence and deck and new living room furniture.
So instead of Italy we went to the States for a little cross border shopping.
Not exactly the vacation I had envisioned, but we had a fun couple of days away.
when in Rome.....
I loaded up at target, J. Crew, crate and barrel and my personal fav. anthropologie.
Mostly I just bought a bunch of new props for work, but the J. Crew cashmere sweaters were to hard to pass up.
Staying in a hotel with a nice big King sized bed and amazing sheets is always a bonus.
Lulu loved the hotel swimming pool and was over the moon when she got to push the button on the elevator everytime we got on it.
We didn't really have much success in finding any real restaurant gems.
But we did however find restaurants that were very child friendly, with special kid's menus and crayons.
Which translates as pretty crappy food but something to keep jr. busy while big daddy and mommy enjoy a glass or two of wine so that we can tolerate the food.
Or to be more accuate- a bottle or two of michelob (my favorite american beer)
I so wish we could get that here in canada.
One thing is for sure, Americans are SO friendly and helpful.
Everywhere we went, it was all about excellent customer service.
Us Canadians could learn a thing or two.
Italy will always be there, and I'm sure we will eventually get there (I'm glad I've at least been there once before)
But I am glad I was able to spend a couple of days with my two favorite people,
we could have been anywhere really,as long as we are together.
Though sitting on a terrace overlooking rolling hills and cyprus trees would have been pretty sweet....


metro mama said...

Sorry about Italy. It would be tough with an 18-month old.

We are hoping to go next October. I've never been.

Lisa b said...

I also struggle with the PITA factor. When is it worth it?
Once I am there it always seems it was worth the effort but the idea of missing out on great food because it is someone's naptime is so discouraging.
I am dying to know how you got lulu to sleep in the hotel. My child only likes her own bed so this really ups the PITA factor for travel.

kittenpie said...

Wow. Sorry that didn't work out, but it's true, it sounds pretty ambitious. I'm not sure I'd be that brave!

Sheena said...

The Drake has a truffle night dinner on Nov 16th.. I can't go.. but maybe a half decent plan B????