Wednesday, November 01, 2006

buck buck

lulu has been clucking like a chicken for months.
For some reason whenever she wants a piece of cheese she makes a "buck buck" sound.
so when I saw this chicken costume I knew it was the perfect choice.
She didn't disappoint, she was clucking like a chicken all day long.
I think Halloween is one of my all time favorite days on the calendar.
It doesn't cost much, you get to eat candy and dress up and have fun.
The weather yesterday was perfect for trick or treating.
I love watching all the kids get so excited to get home from school so they can get ready to get dressed up and go door to door.
I actually found myself getting all misty watching the kids in our neighborhood.
It seems like yesterday that I was running from house to house with my brother and my dad trailing behind us.
I remember getting home totally elated and making chocolate bar trades with my bro.
He liked Oh Henry's I liked Aero and KitKat bars.
What a coincidence, we have several leftover bags of mini Aero chocolate bars in the cupboard.
Lulu was pretty excited by the kids coming to the door, but eventually got bored and ended up in her PJ's playing with her toys.
She did however sample her first chocolate bar, and what do you know she LOVED the mini aero bar.
That's my little chick-a-dee.
cluck cluck.


metro mama said...

I like the Aeros too.

She looks awesome!

penelopeto said...

oh my goodness - she is ridiculously cute.

next year, halloween party, my place. bring your little chicken.

myredwagon said...

adorable - Gracie was a duck and her friend had the same chicken costume - we brought the little fowl to a sing -a-lon. It was the best Halloween. Kids just make everything so much more fun.

Her Bad Mother said...

WonderBaby was a chick - they would have made quite the pair!

kittenpie said...

OMG she is so adorable! I love that she clucks, too.

Pumpkinpie had a few pieces of candy, too, and was quite ready for more... Caramilk and Crunchie and Swedish Berries. Mmm. myself, I'm into the leftover Coffee Crisp.

Gabriella said...

So cute! So far it's just my husband and I eating all the candy that Samantha got!

scarbie doll said...

I'm a coffee crisp girl myself. Little chicks are cute. Your little chick is almost edible.