Thursday, November 09, 2006

winning the lottery

36 million.
hmmm what would I do with 36 million?
big daddy and I were discussing this at length this morning while drinking coffee in bed.
I've never bought a lottery ticket in my life.
Big daddy spent the majority of his family vacations as a kid in Las Vegas.
They don't call his mother Bingo Betty for nothing.
Needless to say Big daddy bought a dozen or so tickets.
If we won..
I don't really want some new flashy car or any other sort of bling.
I don't have a need for Jimmy Choo shoes or Gucci handbags.
That's just not me.
I really don't see the point in flaunting what you have.
Don't get me wrong, I love nice things.
I have a weakness when it comes to cashmere and well designed good fitting clothing.
I could go into Lattelier, Angus & Company, Absolutely, Flick and Co. or Teatro Verde and drop a bundle.
But that has nothing to do with impressing other people, more that i just love good design and good quality.
Of course we would want to help out our family members and give them all a little something..
We would throw a big party for our friends and in some cases actually help some of them out.
Wouldn't that be awesome if we could call up our close friends and let them know that we paid off their mortgage or bought them a new car?
But if we won the lottery all I would want to do is travel and take lots of beautiful photos.
Show Lulu the world.
First stop- New Zealand and Australia.
A foodies paradise.
The home of Donna Hay.
I'm so there.
Then take some side trips to Asia.
Then maybe back home for a visit with friends and family.
B.C. Toronto, California and the East Coast.
Scoot down to NYC for a little theatre, shopping and great restaurants.
Then we would go to Iceland, Denmark, France oh heck.. why not spend a year travelling around all of Europe?
Maybe by then we would figure out where we would want to live.
Figure out what kind of charity to really focus on.
have more children most definitely.
But really, besides travelling, I wouldn't want to change too much.
I wouldn't hire a nanny because I really love looking after lulu 24/7,
and besides I'm far too much of a control freak to let someone else watch my kid.
I wouldn't hire a private chef because well that would just be depressing for me.
I looove to cook, it's my passion so why hire someone else to do it?
I wouldn't mind hiring someone to clean up after me in the kitchen though,
especially after one of the many fabulous dinner parties I would be throwing.
But I like my life the way it is.
the nice thing is knowing that really we don't need 36 million dollars to make some of these dreams come true.
We will get to Australia, Asia and Europe again.
Just maybe not all at once and for a year at a time in luxury accommodations.
And if we won 36 million or not I would still want to sip coffee in bed with big daddy and little lulu.
Because let's face it, that is my all time favourite thing to do each and everyday and it's doesn't cost a thing..
who needs 36 million anyway?...
what would you do if you won the big jackpot?

Thanks for all the great comments yesterday.
F.Y.I. Big daddy came home from work a new man.
Rejuvenated and refreshed.
Maybe it was the post.
or the fun job he was working on yesterday with nice and interesting people.
maybe the haircut? (the guy is so neurotic when it comes to his hair.)
or maybe it was the massage at Hammam Spa he treated himself to.
but I'd like to think it was because he is the big daddy that we know and love..
Big Daddy is back.


penelopeto said...

I'm sorry - did you say that you were discussing something at lenght while drinking coffee in bed?

sister, you have won the lottery.

metro mama said...

I wouldn't change much either. We'd travel our asses off and I'd have better clothing.

Gabriella said...

Travel, retire from my current job, buy my dream cottage. That's about it.

Lisa b said...

I'm with you on the travel and someone to clean the house!
Its true the little moments with your family are priceless. Money won't change that.

My husband went in with 36 people at work on tickets. If they win they each get $1mil which they figure is a good downpayment on mid-sized home in north TO these days.
So obnoxious these bankers.....

indigo herself said...

somehow i wish that i could keep the winning a secret so that all the seedy types wouldn't know to hit you up. i would pay back our debt, take care of our health, travel, design and create. probably invest in some real estate. give money to some forward thinking green company. i'd buy my grandma a cottage by the sea. have you seen the movie 13 Conversations about one thing? I think you'd like it.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I love thinking about this but we rarely actually buy a ticket. I will try to remember to buy one today.

I wouldn't change much either, except I would fix up our house, 'cause it needs it and we're lazy asses so we have to hire other people. And I would absolutely quit my job, volunteer and get the cleaning woman to come way more often.

If you want to make beautiful photos though you should really add South Africa to your list. (if you're interested I've scanned a few and posted them at

Something about your comment at Metro Mama brought me over here... can't remember what. Maybe your daughter's the same ageish as my son?

sunshine scribe said...

I loved this post so much. We talk about this alllll the time

Great pic too :)

kittenpie said...

It's funny, my first few million of answers for this all come down to setting up a few family and friends in real estate so they don't have to worry about mortgages and ultimately I have to worry about them less.

Sheena said...

13 Conversations About One Thing was a great movie... hardly anyone else I know has seen it.

El Chaperone and I had a similar discussion this week. I'd travel and write. And probably buy into a winery.

Bring my mother, brother and sister with me.

crazymumma said...

Buy some friends of mine a house. My Brother as well. Travel. Give money to as many people who needed it as I could with enough left over that I could live as I do now.

Glad your guy is feeling better...

Mrs. Chicky said...

Oh yes, travel. Set some family members up with some necessities. Boat loads of money to my favorite charities. And then travel some more!